Do you enjoy April Fool's day?

From past experience, people seem to have strong and divided opinions about April Fool’s day and all the pranks, both online and offline.

Do you enjoy April Fool’s day?
  • Yes, dad jokes all day. What’s not to like?
  • No, I find it boring and disruptive

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I haven’t done any April Fool posts.
Anyway enjoy your freshly harvested spaghetti.


Whatabout mums/moms is it all beneath them? :grinning:

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Moms are too busy rolling their eyes. :wink:

But if you like, you can read the phrase as corny jokes instead.

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I enjoy anything “Foolish”.

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With my three sons around every day is April fools day

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pity you did not follow on from my thread ButterscotchI don’t know why you didn’t

I posted in your morning thread. Not sure what other thread you mean.

why start another thread ?

That was a morning thread. I didn’t want to hijack it with a poll.

April Fools it’s all good fun…

Ocado has launched a special :wink:

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Now I’m wondering how that candle would smell. :thinking: :nerd_face:

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Cheesy fermented cabbage Pong

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:yum: yummy! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Some good one’s on my Facebook groups this morning

This is a good one, the group specialises in sharing really good recipes……

But this is my favourite, turning the quarry in Weston-super-mare into Mt Rushmore!

My sister is a disappointed they didn’t choose her as the 4th character!

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