Do you eat the green part of potatoes or crisps (potato chips)?

When I was young, I didn’t know why parts of the potato were green. I don’t remember eating much of it, but I probably ate some of it. Same with the green parts of potato chips (crisps).

Some people do get sick from eating the green parts.

I read that the frying neutralizes the part that makes some people sick from the green parts so potato chips are less of a worry than potatoes.

Do you eat the green parts of potatoes or crisps?

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You don’t see many green crisps, well I don’t anyway ( too busy stuffing them in my cake hole to notice) , we mainly eat frozen chips, but if the mrs is making fresh chips then she’ll cut the green off


No, I don’t, although it’s not the green that’s poisonous, that just shows the potato got lots of the poisonous stuff in the potato itself

So I suppose if it’s a crisp you’re no likely to get a lot of the poison potato with it

But why chance it? just don’t eat the green ones!

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The poison is mostly close to the skin, so peeling and cutting it out works pretty well but if potato’s still taste butter after that, you shouldn’t eat them

No, I don’t eat potatoes if they have started to go green.

The chemical that causes the green colour itself is harmless and edible - it’s chlorophyll, which is what makes green veg look green.
The problem with eating green potatoes is that, if they have started preparing to sprout by producing chlorophyll, they will also have started producing Solanine at the same time.
It is the Solanine, which you can’t see, that is harmful to humans and animals - it is a neurotoxin and serves to protect the sprouting potato from being eaten by animals.

Adult Humans may get away with ingesting tiny amounts of Solanine without causing serious illness, so if only the potato skin is green, you would probably get rid of most of the Solanine by peeling off all the green skin and taking off a generous layer of the underlying potato at the same time but if the green has got into the potato beneath the skin, I don’t mess about trying to save the bits that haven’t gone green. If I’m in doubt about a potato that has started to turn green, I just throw it out - or I suppose you could use it to grow a potato plant from.
Ingesting Solanine can cause headaches, nausea and may lead to neurological problems - or even lead to death if enough is ingested.

I have always understood that cooking does not destroy the Solanine toxin.

I must admit, I rarely come across potatoes which have turned green these days - it usually requires light for chlorophyll production - I store my potatoes in the dark, so there’s less chance of them reaching that stage.


Funnily enough, a green potato chip is what gave me the thought to start this thread. It was only green on the outer edge but I threw it out anyway. I’m sure it was fine, but I thought I’d ask all of you about it. :slight_smile:

It’s the bitter taste that’s the real warning sign

But I have often noticed a bitter taste in Jersey Royals, anyone else?

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I never it the green or any blemishes on potatoes.
That goes for most veg and fruit.


Never eat the green potatoes or crisps.
I was told at a young age that it can make you ill.
Even if it was proven to be untrue,i still wouldn`t.

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No, I always used to cut them out of my potato. Same with the black bits…Shudder. :nauseated_face:

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