Do you agree with this smart, clued-up person? (About greed/profiteering etc)

Saw this woman and thought she might be a member here :lol:

Do you agree with her?

(Contains some strong language)

Which bits do you agree/disagree on?


A agree with everything.You can get healthier alternatives.Sometimes we go to an Organic shop which sells lots of food type stuff BUT they are not cheap.

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it’s a nonsense. Life expectancy continues to increase.

Sure there is too much sugar, fat and salt in some products but ingredients are listed on the packaging - buyer beware.

PS. All food is organic even if it comes from a supermarket.

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didnt watch all of it but seems mostly hyperbole and exageration.

LIke Bruce says ingredients are written on items and no, sugar etc isnt poison. Obviously too much isnt good for you - but there is dosage and context - calling it poison is just silly

Plenty of fresh vegetables and fruit not in plastic wrapping, even in supermarkets, but sometimes unavoidable - how else are supermarkets suppossed to sell, say, grapes if not in bags?

of course best to try to eat mostly fresh foods and avoid too much sugar etc and that is easy enough to do if you choose to - no need for such a whiny woe is us about it.


We wrap very few fruits/veggies in plastic wrap here–oddly though plastic shopping bags are banned, we still have plastic bags you can use if you choose. However, I use a cloth bag and then wash fresh fruit/veggies.

READ the label. There’s no need to buy yogurt with sugar/gels etc. I’m sure plain yogurt with no additives is available. Ditto with bread.

And no need to buy fast fashion either. Try a consignment store instead if you really feel the need to constantly purchase clothing.

I do agree with her about makeup and some soaps/detergents. I’ve stopped using a lot of makeup. Detergents? Not so sure about…

I should add that most of my garbage is plastic wrapping. There is nothing wrong with that if it was recycled but unfortunately it isn’t since the supermarket’s collection scheme fell on its arse.

Something definitely needs to be done about recycling soft plastics in this country

I agree with all she said…It could have been me although I don’t believe I have ever talked on 'Overs 'about my thoughts on how not just the food is poisoning us but so many other items that we use are pretty deadly.

My views …,just don’t want to get into this too deep as this has had a profound effect on my health issues that I continue to deal with each and every day now.

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You should definitely consider sharing your story Dianne, perhaps in our members only section and with the members-health-updates tag to help prevent the thread turning into a ‘debate’ :smiley:

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no cannot do! Sorry but
I have learnt the hard road with people from this journey…not about to tell anybody stuff now ever again, healthwise that is…but I do and will continue to be myself over anything else…


Its best to send someone else to do the shopping, YES? :grin:

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There’s plenty of unprocessed food out there but many people don’t want to buy or prepare it. Without fertilisers etc I’m not sure how much it would cost to grow some of the unprocessed foods. So much of this is about economics, a subject not many seem to understand.

I would say things are moving in the right direction health wise because smoking has pretty much been going out of fashion. They do need to put a cap on the vaping industry. I heard that the big tobacco companies are getting in on the vaping act now.

The problem the powers that be have is that the entire population cannot be fed at the prices they can afford to pay without the processing that goes into preserving food. There is only one economic pie and whoever thinks that it’s possible to feed everyone outside the model we are in is mistaken. Many are already struggling/going without. I’m not aware of any communist model that succeeded in supplying healthy food to entire populations either. I’m assuming this lady is suggesting that model, because how else can you feed the entire population without big corporations? You still need fertilisers and pesticides in that model. It’s just not possible to manage to feed everyone without them.

I’m not a fan of tic tok and I find it bewildering that it’s become so popular to watch people ranting their own very myopic views. I just can’t see the appeal or value in this medium.

While people are developing lifestyle chronic conditions such as diabetes, they are still living longer as Bruce said. So it’s a quality over quantity (of years) choice for most. I agree there’s lots of rubbish in processed foods but the alternative is for many (of the poor) to die of malnutrition. There are so many countries in the world where people still do not have access to the food they need to have any kind of healthy nutrition.

The stark fact is that there are just too many people on the planet and a limited supply of natural resources.


I couldn’t be bothered listening all the way through, just hope she doesn’t bite her fingernails…… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Yes, soft plastic recycling does need t o be organised somehow, was sorry t o see that collapse.

I do now get my vegetables in decomposable plastic bags - then you can use then to line your scraps bin and put whole bag and contents straight into green bin.

Of course some foods are deadly t o some people - if the y have allergies, coeliac disease etc - and that is where labelling comes into play. Everyone can read labels and choose which items to buy and which not to

But that doesnt extrapolate to these items shouldnt be available for everyone else or are deadly to everyone else.

Ummph! The bloody council wants to steal my compost!. Not going to happen.

I use my handy FOGO bin to store kitchen stuff but have no idea what to do with the compostable bags they supply.(They’re not big enough for my normal bin)

Well, up to point - sometimes the print is too small or the colours so similar (like red on orange) that you need a magnifying glass to interpret it.

well, yes, I guess there is a case for clearer writing ( or wearing the right prescription glasses :smirk: :nerd_face:) - but the labelling is there

Sure, if you have a garden compost system, don’t put organic stuff into council green bin - but for most of us it is a good way to avoid putting it in general waste bin.

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