Disaster in Antarctica

Thousands of Emperor Penguins died when their sea ice breeding grounds broke up before the chicks had moulted and got their waterproof coat.

The sea ice is forming later and breaking up earlier leading to 10,000 emperor penguin chicks dying in one part of Antarctica.

the other question or one other is do we need extra E penguins did we have too many originally and does it really matter if we lose them all??

Mass deaths of any species to due climatic conditions is not a good sign for the rest of us though.

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Oh no !

You do get the sense that this is only the beginning of such ecological disasters. Melting glaciers, melting perma-frost, flooding, droughts - all of which will impact the previous eco-system. Animal species will disappear and habitats change. And of course people will be displaced too - leading to mass migration. So, for me, its strange that the strongest voices against immigration are often some of the loudest voices denying climate change.

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Oh my God! What shall we do???

we’re all doomed… the price of houses built on hills will soon rocket…
dont you feel sorry for nice folks who spent their life savings to build a nice house on the flood plain on the banks of the river?

And OZ is having its coldest winter for years, maybe the penguins should go there.

Temperature records broken across NSW due to consecutive cold fronts, according to BOM - ABC News