Dirt pie for Groundhog Day USA

  • 1 packet Oreos
  • 1 cup powdered sugar
  • ¼ cup softened butter
  • 8oz (1 pkg) cream cheese
  • 2 pkgs instant vanilla pudding
  • 3 ½ cups milk
  • 12oz container Cool Whip

Crush Oreo cookies with a rolling pin until fine and set aside. Mix sugar, butter, and cream cheese until smooth. Mix the pudding with the milk and then blend together with Cool Whip. Combine the pudding and cream cheese mixture together until smooth. Layer the pudding mixture and cookie crumbles together finishing with cookie crumbles on top.

I imagine after reading the list of ingredients the pie would be extremely sweet , however I would will to test it if someone wants to make it :icon_lol:

Another version:

I feel sick … :078:

I have no sympathy Omah… a truly horrible video.
Oreos have got to be the worst biscuits known to mankind! :wink:

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You’re not wrong.

On the other hand I bought a packet of Tim Tams yesterday, they are the best biscuits ever made in the history of mankind and only lasted until early arvo. I wouldn’t dare buy a packet even once a month they are totally addictive.

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All of them?

Here’s some of them at a Walmart store. (time stampled at the Oreo part) The red velvet cake one and the cinnabon ones sound good though I’ve never tried them. The vanilla ones with the regular filling is ok. I just read that they had a limited edition of the Reese’s peanut butter filling one.

Their holiday flavor was snickerdoodle with a cinnamon center.

There’s a page of flavors on their wiki page.

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They certainly look moreish Bruce , they only seem to be available from Amazon over here. At over twelve quid for two packets I’m afraid I’m going to miss out on the experience.

Yes butterscotch ,all of them. Every last horrid, itsy, teeny, tiny little crumb :wink:

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I need to be more adventurous they come in different flavours but I have only ever bought “Original” next time I buy some I will try the “caramel” (not the “salted caramel”)

Visit Australia, every supermarket has shelves full of them

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OK it is all your fault far from avoiding the damn things for another month today I bought another packet of Tim Tams. But LOOK a different flavour!

Yes, I do blame you but I shall take one to bed with me…

What’s the matter with you Bruce… take the bloody packet!
As you say the shelves are full of them :wink:

Don’t be cruel

Oh I’m sure that isn’t the case.
Even I let my hair down during morning coffee which is happily right now.
Any forum members fancy a bourbon?
Better hurry cos it’s going fast as the old song used to go :slightly_smiling_face: