Dingbat quiz 66

Can you guess the phrase or saying from the dingbat clues

2 car boot sale
4 time flies when you are enjoying yourself?

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Five. - Pie Eyed
Seven - Heatwave
Ten - All Hands on Deck

(Sorry Feey, but numbers won’t come out right for me). :shushing_face:

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Six - Ticks all the boxes

  1. Serial killer
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  1. It’s written in the stars
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  1. Dragging your heels :high_heel:
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  1. Step up to the plate
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  1. Jay walk
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1 Dragging your heels
2 car boot sale
3. It’s written in the stars
4 time flies when you are havin fun
5. Pie Eyed
7. Heatwave
8. Serial killer
9. Step up to the plate
10. All Hands on Deck
12. Jay walk

correct answers just No6 & 11 left to guess

  1. a bit on the side?
    Chaldean numerology

Making my brain work on a Sunday is criminal @Feey :069:

So, how about a clue for 6? :100:

wow well done @Minx

  1. A bit on the side … correct

ok No6 what looks like orange boxes are signals for a code

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Morse code ?

so man in coat with a check list is an

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Inspector Morse?

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well done 6 Inspector morse … correct this round is now finished

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Cheers Feey


  1. Ticking all the right boxes.

Disregard my response Feey. :roll_eyes:

I do enjoy these threads though. :grinning: