Digital camera recommendations

Can anyone recommend a Digital Camera, easy to use and not too expensive please.

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depends on what you mean by “digital camera”. there is compact -DSLR- mirrorless- four thirds etc
Your best way is to see how much you want to spend first
This might help or confuse more
your best bet is to go into a proper camera shop not one that sells anything electrical. then you can get a hands on and actually see if it suits
Iam guessing you will be after a small compact type

Nowadays cameras simple and easy to use don’t really go together any more. they can now pack so much eletronics into a camera the menus can be quite lengthy with different settings. Having said that there is always auto “program” mode which lets the camera do all the working out for you

Even compact cameras can take photos in 4K and/or 1080p , that is how far photographic equipment has got now

We have a Fuji. It’s simple to use and it cost about £130

95% of the population use a mobile phone: child’s play, idiot proof, and cost nothing.

The rest have a proper camera because they are reassuringly complicated, and reassuringly expensive.

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Problem is RS, camera shops are thin on the ground.

They are all much of a muchness, just pick the price you want to pay then look at cameras in that range. If you stick to name brands you really can’t go wrong.

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I just picked up a second hand Nikon P900 because of its great zoom as I take a lot of images from my first floor flat of birds and squirrels etc.
You need to tell us your budget and its main uses. But a bridge camera will probably suit your needs.

Yep. These are the 6 big boys, there are others, but perhaps more specialist and expensive.

Sony, Panasonic, Nikon, Canon, Fuji, Olympus.

They come in different shapes & sizes. Let us know what you’ve got in mind, and we’ll let you know the options.

Ive had Sony , Canon and Panasonic ,and one or two others , I drop mine quite often so am always replacing them … I much prefer Panasonic my last one was the TZ70 , it was easy to use and i did video and zoom on it it was also light to carry around.
The Canon Ive got now has not got the zoom i want , still working at the moment even though Ive dropped it twice .

Hi Eliza … These little Panasonics are incredible, but sometimes have too much (potential) zoom with such little sensors, and little glass in the lens.

I prefer less zoom with, a bigger, more crop-able image.

I’ve got various systems, but an old favourite (dates back to 2014) is my Canon G7X. Pocketable, just about, with a 1 inch 20 mp sensor. It has no viewfinder, but does have a flip-up touch screen. Suits me. :icon_cool:

The Canon Ive got is G7X handed down to me , not quite got to fully understand it yet . Does take a good focused photo , I sometimes forget its got the flip up screen . and I lose the Macro setting ,sometimes the setting got a mind of its own .
The Panasonic was fool proof to me .

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I’ve never used the macro setting on the G7X, I’ll look into it.

Danny helped me out with short listing…
I looked at so many online and had no idea in the end as to what to choose…not knowing much of the ins and outs…I have always been a bit lackadaisical with camera’s so end up nearly always staying with auto mode…
So I purchased the Canon Power Shot SX530HS and so far just taken auto modes shots…pleased with the advice from Danny for sure…

Jazzi, is there a Jessops or London Camera Exchange in your town?

No. Don’t know whether there is anything in Gt Yarmouth or Norwich, that Susie can look for.

Edit. All closed.

if you find one you like think about getting a " grey" camera

I have bought from them no problems and save a bit as well. So what is the catch? absolutely none there may not be the same warranty but camera insurance will cover that.
so what is a “grey” camera. it is actually a term used for camera products that do not come from a main authorised dealer that is all. the camera/lens are exactly .

Main dealers are told what the price should be and if they sell under they could loose their franchise. it is price fixing which is actually illegal but main dealers stick to the fixed price.

Grey importers are under no obligation so can sell cheaper and undercut those fixed prices by quite a lot.
Example SONY compact in ZV-1
Grey import £479
Amazon= £695.48
well over £200 cheaper for the same camera

Thank you for all the responses, they were very helpful.
As Janet says, there are no Camera shops here in Lowestoft, but I won’t be needing it just yet, got other things to pay for first, then I will look at buying one, only I dropped mine and its got a big crack on the side.