Difficulty Adjusting

Since, trying to be a photographer in Denver, CO. I am having trouble adjusting.
I moved here from a city where I could literally drive less than 5 minutes and I was in the country. Getting wildlife shots was easy. Here in a big city, I tried going to the National Parks 20 0r 30 minutes from where I live there is not much wildlife, because it’s over run with people. Jogging, biking, waterboarding, fishing etc.
So I have ideas for shooting here in town. Trouble is I’m worried about taking photos at night in the city. I set up my tripod, attach a camera and lens, and I might as well have a sign that says “Mug ME!”
I know I’ll eventually get the hang of it, and be able to do it safely. I waiting on winter to see if I can get wildlife shots then.
Just saying that getting my legs back under photographically is taking a minute, and it’s quite annoying.

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@Danny and here I was thinking that SA is dangerous.

If you have friends, perhaps they can accompany you for your night shoot and serve as bodyguards. There’s safety in numbers.

Consider National Parks that are more remote within the US of course and go on a photography camping trip.

Always have a Plan ‘B’

Good luck!!