Diesel cars may face a new tax

The Chancellor Philip Hammond has hinted that diesel cars may face a new tax to penalise diesel drivers, what that will be is unclear, maybe a diesel scrappage scheme, or higher diesel fuel, it will be announced in the autumn budget, if your thinking of buying a diesel car, be warned

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I think it’s an environmental issue as far as I am aware

Spot on

I am not keen on diesel prefer petrol. My last car was diesel.

Now car free;-)

Prefer my Prius


Nothing wrong with diesel, we have the technology to deal with NOx and particulates.

The issue is BMW and others fiddled the figures to make more profits.

Sod the EU, we should be suing them.

Oh dear, I’m afraid it’s much worse than that.

Once we have all converted to petrol cars they’ll introduce new taxes to penalise them.

Then it will have to be electric cars, and then…

Yes, you’ve got the picture!

What a wonderful idea!
Slap a tax on diesel, increase the cost of everything.
Almost all delivery vehicles are diesel as are a lot of trains.
Now they want to penalise people for taking Government advice?
I am pretty sure that the infrastructure for electric cars could not cope with a significant increase.

Started with VW still ongoing.

Volkswagen pleads guilty to three criminal counts for cheating emissions in the US - but it still refuses to pay compensation to UK owners


It’s a disgrace.
People were almost pushed into buying diesels due to the better fuel consumption etc, and then as you say, are now penalised for it.

Makes me bloody fume quite frankly.

My philosophy: TRUST NO-ONE

least of all, the government.

Excellent better for the environment :smiley:

Yes the diesel cars days are numbered, they were seen as the way forward less c02, better fuel economy, but the research showed that they emit more NOx , which is very bad, so they fitted diesel particulate filters to catch the diesel particulates, but these are problematic, so now diesels are seen as the cause of all pollution, not the saviour of all, however, the world health organization are due to publish a report on petrol cars saying that pollution from those are just as bad, if not worse

Perhaps horses and carts would be even better?

We used to have diesel cars in the past, but as they are not good for the environment wouldn’t have one now. They should either be withdrawn or the tax should be sky high, imo.

It’s coming

Good I am all for it.

I wonder what you’re going to do about our HGVs, busses and many of our locomotives!

Nothing will be done because it’s easier to penalise the diesel car driver

Yes, exactly my point!