Did you know that Male Seahorses get Pregnant and give birth?

In the world of seahorses it isn’t the females who get pregnant. When they mate, female seahorses deposit the eggs in the male’s pouch to be fertilised.
The male then gives birth to the babies anywhere between nine and forty-five days later.
The theory is this speeds up the process of delivery.
Since the female counterpart needs time to produce more eggs, the male takes charge of the fertilisation and incubation.

Up to 2500 babies may be born at anyone time, depending on the species.


Isn`t nature just the best.

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The female implants her eggs inside the male’s pouch (with uterus and placenta) which is on the front of his tail.
The male then fertilises the eggs with his sperm.

And the female goes off to get bonked by another randy sea horse. :rofl:

Oh wow…
Not as much fun for them though eh.