Diago Maradona has died

Has died aged 60

Hope the hand of God is kind to him

An extremely talented football player, if you have seen the goal he scored after the hand of god it was probably one of the best ever, it was such a shame he had to cheat , but I suppose it was down to the refs, he was a flawed character with his addiction to drugs but a brilliant footballer, RIP Diego…

I’ve never been one for football but I do remember Diego in his peak, he was a very likeable young man and a brilliant footballer, sad he developed a drink problem, gone too soon.

RIP Diego Maradonna

Just shown that goal on tv. Brilliant.


Argentina has declared three days of National Mourning.

Just seen them on the news all wailing and screaming. :shock:

It never was, and never will be a goal. It was a plainly a hand ball and should have been disallowed by the referee. All the players around Maradona saw it, the linesman saw it,the crowd saw it and the TV audience all saw it for what it was - a handball.

It is the second goal that they are talking about.

Yes it was and it was a shame he could have won a without that .His second goal was brilliant .

Ooops :blush: In any case, I couldn’t stand the man.


Undoubtedly a skilled and gifted player but he’ll be forever remembered for the hand of god goal…

He was a very talented and gifted player up until the day he decided to cheat in the 1986 Mexico World Cup by scoring a goal with his hand. He will never ever be considered ‘the greatest’ or ‘one of the greatest’ because in my book, a footballers action on and off the pitch is what defines them as ‘great’. ‘Greats’ do not cheat and as Maradona deliberately cheated in a football match, he does not deserve the title of ‘greatest’ or ‘one of the greatest’ because it is an insult to all those players who have earned the right to be called a Great.

I am a football fan but let’s face how many cheats are there in the game now? Every week we see players diving in the box with very little contact in order to ‘win’ a penalty.

Yes there are many cheats in football but not all of them are given a glowing reference to their greatness as Maradona is getting from all quarters of the football press.

When you allow a cheat to be called ‘The Greatest’, it devalues the meaning of the word.

It’s ok Pele is still alive .

The second goal was crap, the build up was epic, but the final shot was a bit of a let down.

The hand of god…

I was reading an article about him today. Very humble beginnings. Says he hated the Brits, that the hand of God was something that delighted him to get back at Brits who had recently been killing Argentinians like little birds. I’m astonished by the Argentinian reaction to his passing. I read they were having 3 days of mourning. Football must be a real passion there.

He is seen as a god over in Argentina because of him scoring the 2 goals that knocked out England from the World Cup, England a country hated by Argentinians because of the Falklands war.