Dettol Wipes

Has anyone noticed how smaller, dryer and thin they are of late?

I bought a pack a couple of weeks ago and one yesterday - both the same, really rather useless.

I’ve been using them and the squirty stuff since Covid started. They’ve always been quite thick and wet. But these last two packs have been such irritating things, no thicker than tissue paper.

I know we’re in the age of things being smaller than they were, but come on - Dettol Wipes shrinking in a pandemic when we need stuff like that?

Or maybe it’s just my imagination :017:


It’s the same with almost everything, smaller/less contents in same size packaging for more money🤬


Maybe your hands are getting bigger :joy::zipper_mouth_face:
Seriously though, not just detox wipes that have got smaller. Most of the chocolate bars have reduced in size but stayed at the same price.


Chocolate is the worst for that. Dettol wipes (or general baby wipes, which I use for wiping down things occasionally) do seem to have got drier. I just thought it was me not sealing them up properly!

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All the better to slap you with :icon_lol: :mrgreen:


I can see through the Dettol wipes now, whereas I couldn’t before.


Methinks I won’t be bothering with wipes anymore,
I’ll stock up on the squirty stuff.


I even questioned my McFlurry the other day, with my coffee group friends (because I’d met one of them there). I said there was less of the chocolate sprinkle, it hadn’t been stirred in, and even the ice cream seemed to be of a lesser quantity.

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My McFlurry had hardly any choc sprinkles too, Tuesday evening. Son & Daughters were OK though, but they had the Smarties.

They are so titch now there’s not enough to them to be able to get your hand in and give things a good rub

You could try what I do and make up a batch of DIY ones

I use Wilkos own concentrated disinfectant which is antiviral and cheap and put some in a big jam jar and dilute it

Then I cut up some of their cheap version of J cloths into quarters and put them in the jar with the lid on to soak up the disinfectant

Then I just use them as wipes as you do the Dettol ones but instead of throwing them away I put them in a hot wash with my tea towels and dish cloths afterwards

It’s much cheaper. I got the idea from here but I don’t make mine that wet


Love this Maree…what a great idea! :+1:

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Thank you, not my idea of course, I pinched it from the internet but it does work and it’s cheap

Thank goodness Kitkats haven’t shrunk :blush:

Maree… it’s AGES since I heard that word ‘titch’… Love it! :grinning:

That’s a good idea cobbling together those DIY ones.
I might just do that, but I couldn’t use the J cloths, I’d have to use something else. Don’t know what it is about them, they make me shudder touching them :thinking: :confused:
Just another of one little foibles :upside_down_face:

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We use Clinell disinfectant wipes,100 per pack. They are cheaper and much larger than Dettol wipes.

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I’ve not heard of those Bes… who sells them?

Just checked - looks like they’re not in s/markets and I don’t order anything online.
Nice try though Bes, thanks. :+1:

Gama Healthcare Ltd.

Just saw your reply.
We do (almost) everything on line.

I just got ‘Site can’t be reached’.

Just spotted your addition saying you order everything online :grinning:

Thanks again though.