Desperate Dominic Raab tries to cling onto Chevening House as new Foreign Secretary Liz Truss also stakes a claim

Boris Johnson is facing an immediate post-reshuffle Cabinet headache after Dominic Raab and Liz Truss both staked a claim to use Chevening House.

The grace-and-favour estate in Kent is usually reserved for the use of the UK’s foreign secretary, a role now held by Ms Truss after Mr Raab’s demotion to Justice Secretary.

However, Mr Raab was also handed a new title of Deputy Prime Minister in Mr Johnson’s Cabinet shake-up. He is said to believe that should give him the right to use the house for official visits but Ms Truss believes the property should be hers to use, according to The Times.

A final decision on the use of the property will ultimately be made by Mr Johnson.

Chevening House, which dates back to the 17th Century, has traditionally been allocated to the foreign secretary, often being used to host visiting counterparts.

However, it was used by Nick Clegg, the former leader of the Liberal Democrats, when he was deputy prime minister in the Coalition Government. Mr Clegg had to share the venue with William Hague, the then foreign secretary.

The Prime Minister could opt to grant permission to just one of his Cabinet ministers or he could ask them to share the property.

Mr Johnson has personal experience of having to share Chevening from his time as foreign secretary in Theresa May’s government. Mr Johnson shared the building with then Brexit secretary David Davis and then international trade secretary Liam Fox.

In In July 2018, after had he resigned as Foreign Secretary, BJ took THREE WEEKS to move out of Chevening … :roll_eyes:

Talk about grace and favour let them live in their own homes which no doubt are claimed for anyway.

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Too right.
This sort of thing is not only outdated and unnecessary but is the sort of thing that’s only usually seen in dictatorships nowadays.

Oh come folks where is your milk and kindness, we all know how hard done by our politicians and ministers are. They only have their miserly salary and derisory expenses to live on, many only have two houses and will probably only make a paltry profit on their second one.
Perhaps we should use tax payers money to by more country estates for our political leaders which would, hopefully, stop this internal bickering.

Now where’s my one bar fire as it is a little chilly in my hovel. :rofl:

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It looks big enough for both to share it , Im sure they could work together and avoid bumping into each other .

So are you telling me that they do not have their own homes that they can live in rather than these grandiose grace and favour properties that we as the Tax payers are paying for. How much is this costing us ?

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has decided they should both have use of it for personal and work use.

The 7th Earl Stanhope gave Chevening to the nation when he died, to allow a senior minister access to a grand retreat outside London.