Derbyshire firm's twin Covid and flu test kit gets green light

Derby-based SureScreen Diagnostics said it had passed the UK Health Security Agency’s Coronavirus Test Device Approvals (CTDA) process. It can now supply the products to settings such as hospitals and care homes.

The new rapid lateral flow test, which detects both flu and Covid, analyses a shallow nasal sample which is collected by rotating a swab inside the nostril and then inserting it into a liquid. Droplets of the liquid are then placed at the top of two formulated strips, placed side by side in a special dual test cassette. This gives users a positive or negative result for both Covid and influenza A and B, the two main types of flu that affect humans, in 10 minutes.

SureScreen said it had already been supplying the tests to overseas markets and had trialled them with Guy’s and St Thomas’s NHS Foundation Trust in London.

Mr Campbell said: “Our new tests are already being used successfully overseas and by key hospital partners. The Covid pandemic demonstrated that rapid testing is a key tool to control the spread of viruses.”

Quite … the UK COVID testing chaos is still vivid in many people’s memories … :angry:

Testing is great provided an individual who tests positive is willing to self-isolate.

Great stride forward from a British company

I shall believe it when I see it. Might just be another damp squib that some friend of a friend can recommend a few more £ Millions be spent. One way or another, we have been here b4.

To this day, I still have no idea what the track and trace app was for, since it never told me anything of value whatsoever.