Denver, CO is not playing around

I don’t know about the UK, and this is not true of the entire US, but Colorado is not playing around.

If you work in healthcare (any branch), teacher’s, law enforcement…etc. you could be jobless if you refuse vaccine. Right now school are taking subs with only a High School Diploma. They’re serious here you want to work with the public get vaccinated. They have already started letting people go who refuse the shot. Only people with health or religious reasons are being excepted, but they are being relegated to jobs not dealing with the public.

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccination of people working or deployed in care homes: operational guidance - GOV.UK (

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I always find it amusing that religious belief is seen as an acceptable excuse for something. But political belief is not. As a belief is a belief, not matter its source.

As for vaccines, I know that despite pork somehow being involved that Muslim leaders have declared vaccines as OK to use & actively supported vaccination across the western world, but not always in third world countries. So why pander to extremist behaviour, I wonder.


Christian Scientist. The religion that scares the hell out of me. They (Hardcore members) refuse all modern medicine and believe that anything can be prayed away. I have talked to some very intelligent people who honestly believe in that doctrine. To me it’s mind boggling. Although it’s getting better.

Christian Science Church Seeks Truce With Doctors - The New York Times


Most religions tend to that that to me too and becoming a partially lapsed Jew, when I could think for myself, opened my previously partially closed eyes to how demanding many are. I think my only ‘law’ I observe out of habit is no pork on my plate thanks. I often wondered what pigs did to upset some ancient ‘law’ makers :wink:

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Forgetting cows in India. :rofl: :rofl:
No Burger King there!

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