Delivery robot grateful for snow rescue in Cambridge, UK

A delivery robot that got stuck in the snow has thanked the man who put it back on the right track.

Graham Smith came across the robot struggling to mount an icy kerb in Cherry Hinton, Cambridge, on Monday. Posting a photo on Facebook, he said he was concerned about the plight of the “poor little mite”, which said “thank you” after he helped it up the kerb.

Heavy snow fell across the city on Sunday night and by Monday it was blanketed in white. A photo taken late on Sunday shows several of them happily trundling along a snowy pavement in Cambridge.

However, the Cherry Hinton bot hit a bit of bother on its journey the following day. Mr Smith, who was out walking in Chequers Close, spotted it having trouble and took a photograph.

On his Facebook post he wrote: “Saw this poor little mite trying to negotiate a high, slippery kerb in Chequers Close earlier today, wheels spinning like crazy, we gave it a push onto the path, it very politely thanked us and carried on its way. Should it have been let out on its own in these weather conditions? It didn’t even have a scarf.”

He said the robot “looked a little lost” as it came across the road and then became stuck on the snow and ice trying to mount the kerb. “I lifted its back end up to help it on, and it shunted backwards and forwards a bit, and then said ‘thank you very much’ before heading away.”

A Starship Technologies spokesman said: "Our little helpers are busy delivering in the run up to Christmas, and a light dusting of snow won’t stop them. “They’re designed to deliver in a range of different weather conditions, and although temperatures in the UK have fallen these past few days, the robot’s batteries are designed to operate at -20C.”

This is the first time that I’ve heard about these bots. Previously:

Apparently, they wait for a human to appear and then ask for the crossing’s Big Button to be pressed … :open_mouth:



Anyone get a bot delivery? I’m interested in hearing how it works in reality. I’ve only seen pictures and videos so far.

They have them in Adel Leeds its weird seeing them make their way to deliveries…cute little things. We don’t have them near me…wish we did.

I love them, think they must have tracking device’s to rescue them if they get stuck. Not likely to have them around here they would be mugged.

Unless they can defend themselves.

I wonder what the response will be to the would be thief

Yep, back in the day, one of them Bots would not have ventured onto the “Estate” :laughing:


Maybe they’ve got some bigger delivery bots for dodgy areas

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When I first saw news about the Cooperative shops trialling a delivery service via these cute little robotsI wondered about what protection they had against theft or vandalism too.

I found various bits of info about them online - in the video in this link, it explains how much security is built in - cameras, trackers and they probably have alarms now which could be triggered if they are taken off their programmed route.
The video shows a man trying to get into a locked bot and he couldn’t (he managed to steal something from the 2nd bot he tried but I think that one was unlocked)

I think it’s lovely that the bots have been programmed to say Thank You when folk assist them!


Ooh! I wonder what they’ve been programmed to say to folks that don’t assist them?
The mind boggles :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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I watched one of these on You Tube,it was at a zebra crossing, cars were waiting for it to cross, they even tooted it, it wouldn’t budge.

They make me smile , isn’t technology amazing

I look forward that they come to Dorset I’d definately be ordering food

Not really, they are just Drones with wheels. :grin:

Call me a cynic but I wonder what the cost is going to be to place an order using one of these, at least initially.

Personally, I think they can be dangerous, I mean, look at that one waiting at the zebra crossing, plus they are very low to the ground, would a lorry see it,hmmmmm.

With all this leccy being used for everything you may soon have to choose if you have your lights on or your parcel delivered! :icon_wink:


Oh well, that wasn’t quite the reply I was expecting.
Many a true word spoken in jest :slightly_smiling_face:

The Lorry’s will be driverless soon, and programmed to recognise Bots, not sure they will be programmed to recognise Humans though. :laughing:

Fleets of bots, the risk of being mown down by an escooter, going out could get to be very interesting.
Think I’ll treat myself self to a set of body armour for Christmas :christmas_tree:


Indeed, think that would be ideal.

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Or Spitty on his E-bike :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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