Death, Desperation & Pareidolia!

I’m a member of a Facebook page that is concerned with the afterlife type of subjects, and there can be no real doubt that folk are often getting great comfort from being there, whether or not they post. Often, on there, I see somebody post a photo of some living person, event or some place. They swear that they can see the face of somebody they knew and lost, in one part of the photograph or another, and there is absolutely nothing there that even resembles a face.

It’s sad that we are sometimes reduced to what is, in the end, a human tendency called “pareidolia” - seeing patterns where others would not, inspired by the desperate need to believe that the passed over person chose to visit the scene, just as the photo was being taken. If they derive comfort from such imaginings, then I understand why they post their pictures, the way they do.

I just wish that there was a way of helping them grieve at a faster rate. I’d like to do the faster-grieving-boogie, too, come to think of it.

It’s pretty pointless, me wanting to comfort every grieving person, but I still feel that…I still want to do it. A part of being human, I suppose. :slightly_frowning_face:

Hi Ian yes I know we can see anything if we want to , I see faces animals flowers in lots of things and realise it’s just my imagination being sparked , I like It . My sister comes to stay and often tells me she sees a face in one particular area on my lounge wall , I’ve never seen it but she’s adamant it’s there yet can’t describe it .

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I respond to it often and refer to it as a gift myself - improves the moment and may very well be from the Gods!!

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Grief is a strange thing, there’s no comfort you can give really, it runs it’s course, then you internalise it but it never goes away, it just becomes a part of your life experience and you adapt

I’ve never seen faces in photos but sometimes I think I see mum and dad’s faces in a crowd, on a passing bus or someone walking towards me and my heart lifts to see them before I realise it’s not them


I sometimes see faces in my minds eye. Sometimes I can make the face out clearly sometimes I can’t. I don’t talk about it to anyone coz I sometimes wonder if I’m bonkers.

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ya not bonkers just abnormal or supernormal or extranormal??