Dahlias no luck so far

So this is my nth year of trying to grow Dahlias that bloom. Absolutely no luck to date but I am determined to grow these beautiful flowers this year. I now have four different varieties which I am planning to plant this Spring and all I need is to understand the best way to make them thrive. I am hoping that some here have had more luck.

My main problem is determining a slug-free zone and the best position. I am not brave enough to plant them directly in the ground outside a pot because of slug problems and also a general lack of room in the more sunny spots.

Is it possible to grow Dahlias in a pot and if you can then do you need special soil, protection from harsh weather etc?

i think free draining is the answer , ive not grown any myself , but the soil ive seen them in are free draining …

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I have been growing Bishops children successfully for two years but I left the tubers in the pots this year and I think the artic conditions will have done for them :frowning:

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Muddy is there a prescribed method to hibernate tubers over winter? They do seem very needy plants. Although of course the show is worth it.

Last year I dug them up and put them in a box with just a bit of earth in the garage then replanted them in the spring .

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