D00d's pop art snips

Please name the album …

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  1. The free wheelin’ ~ Bob Dylan
  2. Let it bleed ~ Rolling Stones

Oh, well done. :smiley:

Yes that was a giveaway. :wink:

  1. Parallel lines ~ Blondie

You’re getting good at this :shock:

Leave one for me !!!,

Considering these are snips DooD!

Sure Roj

One last one then it’s all yours Roj ?

  1. Rubber Soul ~ The Beatles

ok tks


That was the one I knew…

4…The Who…Who’s next

Sincerest apologies Roj :frowning:

You’re too fast :-p

  1. Never mind the bollocks, here’s the ~ Sex Pistols

That was really sharp. :slight_smile: I’m sorry though. I’ll play fair next round. These are difficult because they’re snips… not the entire cover.

You guys are good.


Sorry Roj, did you know the answer to number 2?
When I checked back in the thread and saw you had exited, I assumed you’d given up :frowning:

If you knew the answer for number 2 then I’m sorry :079: