Cryptic Music Quiz

50 years ago, what event took place here?

Hi Minx
Well I see a set of speakers so is it a musicians house ?

No, don’t focus on the house so much.
It’s music related. 50 years ago - 1971.
Something took place here in the UK and was critically acclaimed in the music world

Well all I can think of is some sort of album launch by a band…

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Oh, you’re getting hot!

It’s the launch party for the Who’s fifth album…Who’s next .

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You’re the music maestro!


Well done!


You and d00d got my brain working hard this evening.

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Very well done. How did you know ???There were a lot of good albums that year.

The speakers gave it away on the right it could only be a musicians house.
And the fire extinguisher !


I tried :slightly_smiling_face:

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Never before seen images !!!

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Yep! Some of these images are new

Roj did very well then.
Sticky Fingers came out then too although it doesn’t look a Keef time place.

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