Cryptic Films

The Searchers

That’s it Devo. Well done. The (SE) Archers.

I thank you. Here’s a good film…

Burnt to death, I understand.

Ashes to Ashes

Not that one, sorry.

The Wicker Man?

Not that one. This film is a couple of years younger. The clue is a little less explicit and punny.

The Towering inferno

No. This film is British.

The clue refers to the name by which the film is generally known although it is pretty obvious it originally had a shorter name. Both are given by Wikipedia.

The Man Who Fell to Earth?

No. This is definitely not a Sci-fi film.
It could be placed with a number of loosely similar films from yesteryear, the difference here being it was more than a simple vehicle.

The main characters were played by non-actors who did okay and one of them went to other roles over the years.

Mark Kermode rates this film highly and puts the soundtrack in the all-time top 50.

The stars have a Vic & Bob connection and one has a loose Enid Blyton connection.

And, perhaps surprisingly, the film’s title was correctly spelt.

I am running out of clues.
One of the stars is of very short stature which he compensated for by dressing in a particular way.
The film spawned a couple of hit songs.

This must have been too difficult a clue or too obscure a film.

This one might be easier:

As cover for a property claim.

(A very popular film from the mid 80s)

Is this the same film as Devo set?
Or are we starting again?


I think we all gave up on Devo’s film at the time and, like me, he’s not been on the site for a while. This is a different film.

Clue again: As cover for a property claim.