Cryptic Films

Some easy ones to start the thread. Good luck

[B]1. Don’t go forward in the years ahead

  1. A colored distance

  2. Its overweight nuptuals in Athens for me

  3. 24 carat piece of anatomy

  4. Very cold time long ago [/B]

  1. Don’t go forward in the years ahead = Back to the future

  2. A colored distance = The green mile

Yep. Good to see someone has replied to my first quiz. Was wondering how do I get those cryptic pictograms the forum has used in the past

  1. My big fat Greek wedding

Welcome to the site Swannie :slight_smile:

  1. Gold Finger

Very kind of you @summer. :smiley:

You have two. Good deduction.

  1. Ice Age

Precisely. Do you want more or do you wanna post something Last Tango.

wrong thread

Swannie, it took me a wee while to work out just one answer so I’d be delighted to see more of the same from you, please.

Hardy dance

Hardy dance

Oliver twist

You got it Tezza.

Destroying evil (8, 3)

Last Tango forgive my not responding sooner but I was unable to log in last nite. Have been having a shocker of a time since. I do hope it does not happen again as I think I will enjoy it here.

Good to have another poster here Tezza. Lets enjoy the thread everyone.

Glad you are here Arena.

Destroying Evil

Breaking Bad?

Yes indeed.

Dark predator falls from nest ~~~3 word title

Black Hawk Down

Male jogger