Crocodile attack: British teen speaks of relief

Crocodile attack: British teen speaks of relief - BBC News (video)

The 18-year-old from Andover, Hampshire, was whitewater rafting in Zambia when she was attacked on Tuesday. One of her lower legs was badly mauled, her hip dislocated, and her right foot badly injured.

Despite this, she has been told she won’t lose her foot by doctors at her hospital, which released this video interview.

Blimey, that’s one plucky teenager … :astonished:


Lucky too.

On breakfast TV the other morning two girls were interviewed as one of them was mauled by a croc whilst swimming in a lake . They had asked if the lake was safe by the organiser of a trip out and told yes . The croc had her and her sister fought it off eventually pulling the other free . After months of treatment she is better but the croc teeth marks covered her legs .

Incredible story

Plucky girls .

@ Yes those girls were extremely lucky !!
But strangely the hippopotamus is credited with killing
most humans in Africa ? Allthough it is a vegetarian it is
extremely bad tempered and has an extremely large gape
and long front teeth which it uses to drive off other males
in the mating season ??
It also leaves the water at night time to graze and can travel
several miles to do this, when they are returning in the morning
they often meet with people going fishing or fetching water
hence the aggro !!
Plus, l suppose that crocodiles victims are never found as they have been eaten, and so don’t get put on the crocs scorecard ??
Donkeyman! :thinking::thinking: