Croatia - Dubrovnik Harbour


That looks like Dubrovnik Harbour….

that is correctIi could not remember the name thank you. old age creeping in is my excuse

Also it is Croatia now not Yugoslavia, been there 4 or 5 times…

yes but I still prefer to old name. Croatia sound like crusty old bread

It has been called Croatia since 1991……. time flies! :slightly_smiling_face:

Dubrovnik is really something isn’t it …really worth visiting. Especially if you are a Game of Thrones fan…I did the Cercei Lannister walk of shame…have to admit I kept my clothes on :slight_smile:

My son has been to Croatia and loved it, have you been to the singing sea…?

Dubrovnik scenes

Dubrovnik fresco

The apothecary

The view from the walk around the city wall (very hot!). We visited the island in the distance, which has one of the “game of thrones” sword thrones you can sit on from the filmset

view of the main street from the wall

A very beautiful city with so much to see. Just love Croatia and its people are so nice & friendly to visitors. It’s Hrvatska pronounced “Hervatzka” in Croatian

We went to Croatia in 2011 and loved it. We stayed at Cavtat and went over on a boat to Dubrovnik. Very nice hotel where we ate outside every evening, great weather and very pretty countryside. We were out walking one day and came to a rocky headland overlooking a lovely cove. We stood there admiring the view and then realised that the very elderly people diving off the rocks were all naked. :rofl:My late FIL always said he wanted to visit what was then Yugoslavia because he was a naturist but he never got to go as he died at 62.

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