Cranefly daddy long legs

unedited . Still taken with the Sony FDR-AX53 camcorder
best seen in full screen mode

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How did you get that shot?

Was your camera on a tripod and did you zoom in on it?

The heading actually says what it is. One huge point which many miss it seems is this is a camcorder has an amazing built in Gimbal to keep the shot steady. So no need for a tripod. the lens itself “floats” inside the camcorder body, one of the very best on the market today within the under £700 price bracket.

the first part of this video will amaze you showing the floating gimbal

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That was quite interesting to watch it float inside the camera, I must say the humming bird was superb quality, I’m starting to get interested if I’m honest…I would like one , so maybe having words with my son, I can see how you get excited with picture quality that good.

I must say also…I sure liked his home interior design as well, certainly quality there as well! loved it,:heartpulse:

Another convert? Now you can understand why I love this camcorder. The thing is you can use it straight out of the box then check out all its functions of which there are many. Stills or video no problem. Loads more videos worth watching and tutorial to help

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I do understand why you love it.

I’m just going to have to show my son how much I love him…then drop hints about that camcorder…can you imagine what my swan pics would look like!..amazing !!

Don’t forget you can duel record at the same time on the same SD card You can record in 4K and the normal 1080p. So you automatically have a backup. well worth remembering.

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Don’t worry, I’ll be showing my son that camcorder on this thread, when he visits Thursday, to be honest I’m surprised he hasn’t bought one, as he loves visiting places that are steeped in history.