Covid: What is the guidance across the UK now?


Mostly it seems to be anything goes, do what you like, up to you, whatever…
UNLESS you have a hospital appointment where you must wear a mask provided at the door

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I’m still mask wearing on the bus and supermarkets it’s still here and still nasty I think we must live with it . Lucky for me the mask wearing has stopped me getting any bugs for 2 years now .

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If I’m mixing with “strangers” in any situation then I wear a mask.

Although COVID is now, allegedly, rarely fatal, an infection makes some people very ill, so I’d rather avoid an infection when, currently, roughly 1 person in 25 is infected, according to the ONS.

Even if Covid is demoted eventually to the status of nothing more than a cold or 'flu, you can still be pretty ill with either of those, and I believe in future (Winters) we’ll still be mask wearing and hand sanitising in shops etc because quite simply it’s good practice.

This week, l have stopped wearing a mask but not where it is specifically required.
I still sanitise the supermarket shopping trolley on entry. I seem to be in the minority as most people don’t seem to bother these days. I have noticed lately, most supermarkets/stores don’t provide hand sanitisers for you to use when you leave the store anymore.
Yes, l know l should provide my own but it’s not something l use at home. I have plenty of hard soap and liquid soap, though it might be hard to carry my sink when l’m out!!

there are still many people dying daily from covid or covid related illness. I think the figure was 227 today and 109 yesterday. They no longer record the figures on a weekend.

Strange thing is, I don’t hear or know of a single person with covid now yet only a few weeks ago I knew loads that had gone down with it, incuding all my Golden Girls.

Its like it’s disappeared from this area.

I notice Germany still have it very bad and the new cases recorded there are very high.

I went to the doctors today and I wore a mask but I have stopped wearing them in a lot of places.
I masked up regular and I was quite pleased that I never caught it and was convinced it was because I always wore a mask, then hey ho, I caught covid even though I was a regular mask user. Must have been transmitted by touch.

It manifests as other conditions, antibiotics and steroids are being prescribed at an alarming rate.

I had an electrician due to come and give me a quote last Friday and he cancelled because he’d tested positive.

Most people treat it like a distant memory … but I still wear my mask on the bus or in the supermarkets. It doesn’t hurt to be a little cautious and careful.

Well an Electrician tested Positive, no comment. :smiley:


@spitfire …trust you . :rofl:

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It may have been a leading post Morty. :grinning:

We are in the midst of an outbreak at our care home , staff and residents have it but no one has been really ill , we are testing everyday with lateral flow, and once a week with a pcr, thing is, we now don’t get paid if we get it and have to be off work, so, if you feel ok, what’s the point of reporting a positive result?, you might as well lie and go in if you have it but show no symptoms

The booster is the antidote…You can’t have covid and omicron at the same time, and omicron won’t kill most people.

I have given up wearing a mask in supermarkets as l am fed up of selecting inferior vegetables and fruit! This is because when l put my reading glasses on, they steam up and l am totally blind.
Hence, why my vegetable scrutinising is limited!

I still hold my breath when l pass people and l never touch my eyes, nose or mouth until my hands are cleansed.


The booster is a vaccine not an antidote.

Omicron is a variant of Covid.

It is possible (but, as yet, rare) to catch two Covid variants at the same time.

Of course it is Omah…

@LionQueen , “many people are dying of covid related illnesses”
That’s because they were allready dying before catching covid LQ !
Same as pneumonia finished off people suffering from lung cancer or
other lung problems years ago !!
I believe pneumonia is far more deadly than covid has been so far ??
Donkeyman! :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

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The WHO has just released figures for world wide deaths from covid ??
It seems the figures are not high enough for them as they insist on
combining the figures for what they call covid related deaths with the
figures for proven covid deaths ??
The figures for proven covid deaths worldwide was only about 5,000,000
persons, whereas the combined figure is 15,000,000 persons , which is still
low out of nearly 8 billion or 8,000,000,000 million population!!
I suppose they have to try to justify the disruption and the very high costs
of their policies ??
This extra !!10 million people were allready suffering from life threatening
diseases and could have died the next day anyway !!
Donkeyman! :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

That’s all well and good, but , what is happening now, is it Ok to stand next to somebody at less than 2 metres, without a mask?