Covid: Tourists urged to 'stay away' from Cornwall as cases rise

The South West has seen a recent spike in Covid-19 cases across Devon and Cornwall. The number of Covid cases per 100,000 people in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly jumped from 383 to 717 in the seven days up to and including 19 August.

Three parts of Newquay now have the three highest Covid infection rates in England for the seven days up to 18 August.

Cornwall Council said 4,700 cases may be linked to the Boardmasters festival held in Newquay between 11 and 15 August.

About 800 of those positive cases are people who live in Cornwall.

Letting 50,000 people congregate at the Boardmasters Festival was a big mistake … :scream:

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Oh heck have just come back from Cornwall thanks to the weather being the pits we didn’t mix much .
That would be the last straw if we caught covid what with allotments and skips .

Yes I’m in Dorset and our local Dorset Echo tells us in my little town we have 250 tested positive today . I’m staying in my house and garden this weekend . When I shopped this morning I wore my mask and kept an anti bac tissue in my hand till i got home . The town is full to bursting and the beach packed . Let’s hope they enjoy their time and get home safe and well