Covid Solutions

This isn’t contentious and should not be in slow mode!!!

I asked on.another thread what the government(s) should be doing to hopefully bring (Covid) things to a close ASAP.

This is not the same as saying what they shouldn’t be doing. We can all criticise quite easily, which isn’t always helpful.

So, what should they be doing?

Having just seen a post on another thread, I would think policing mask wearing would help, including inspection of exemption cards! Also - I think it good if the government applied all restrictions to themselves and lead by example.

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They should stop doing the things they shouldn’t be doing. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I agree I dont think that any threads should be in slow mode as it makes spontaneous debate impossible .


Firstly clear directions form the government .
No if or buts masks obligatory in shops and on public transport
I am going also to opt for covid passports .
While no one should be forced to take the vaccine failure to do so will result in consequences .
Ie work in the health sector or go into crowed public places
It’s a matter of choice .

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Stop this Dex…This was the amount of flights over European skies at 8:45am
Notice that the most congestion is over Germany…Coincidence?
We are flogging a dead horse trying to stop covid while this goes on, we should take a leaf out of Australia’s book and cease all flights in or out of the UK for the time being.

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