Covid: Quebec to impose health tax on unvaccinated Canadians

On Tuesday, the premier announced that it would be the first in the nation to financially penalise the unvaccinated. Quebec, which has seen the highest number of Covid-related deaths in Canada, is currently struggling with a surge in cases.

Only about 12.8% of Quebec residents are not vaccinated, but they make up nearly a third of all hospital cases.

According to federal data, just over 85% of Quebec residents had received at least one vaccine dose by 1 January.

Last week, the province announced that it would require proof of vaccination to shop in government cannabis and liquor stores.

The premier’s press conference was attended by his interim public health director, who took over after the long-serving previous director resigned over criticism of his handling of the latest Omicron-driven surge.

Hospitals in Montreal, the province’s largest city, are nearing 100% capacity and have already started
While rare, Quebec is not the only region in the world seeking to impose a financial penalty on those unwilling to get jabbed.

Starting later this month, Greeks over age 60 are being required to pay a €100 (£85; C$142; $113) fine for each month that they remain unvaccinated.

Singapore has required Covid patients to pay for their own medical bills if they are not vaccinated.

IMO, harsh but fair … :face_with_monocle:

The NHS should apply that here to any patient without an exemption sheet, but of course, the faux anger brigade division of the protest-about-anything league will always find the ear of any up and coming MP looking to make a name for themselves and the NHS would always back down when faced with any adverse publicity.


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We will all be unvaccinated in a few months if 4th boosters are not recommended by the JCVI.

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