Covid Protesters

These people are not hepling anyone or the situation, I’m getting sick of them.

Covid: Anti-vax protesters disrupt Milton Keynes NHS test centre - BBC News


Apparently, we had some picketing local vaccination centres but I didn’t see them, thank goodness.

I really don’t mind if they don’t want to be vaccinated, I think they’re dum but that’s their right.

But the one thing in the world guaranteed to get my goat is people trying to tell me what to do.

And anyone getting in my face in a vaccination queue or trying to stop me being able to get vaccinated would get very, very short shrift indeed

Who the hell do they think they are?


This is pretty awful…I mean, yes, have an opinion, but don’t try to force other people to join in - or worse, prevent them from doing whats right for themselves.

Would they hold that view if people they loved died from covid? I doubt it very much. How many folk have pleaded to get the vaccinated when they are already in hospital dying from it?

Idiots :roll_eyes:


They’re despicable idiots … I hope they manage to identify the mindless numpty who nicked test kits.


With the greatest respect, that is what the vax campaign has been doing, I’m jabbed because of an objective decision process (I hope) not because I’ve been told 33000 times to be so.

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“Thames Valley Police said it was aware of the protest but no arrests had been made as yet.”

What? Criminal damage and theft - no arrests?

I suppose this is an example of our trendy modern police ‘service’.

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I don’t think it’s quite the same, though.

Encouraging people to get jabbed isn’t the same as sabotaging equipment and abusing staff to try to stop people who’ve already decided they’d like a jab being able to get one

It’s true though that some of the anti-vaxxers might be a bit like me and not like being told what to do.

I think having a jab is a big privilege and I’m grateful but if they don’t want theirs, leave them to it, pushing too hard can have a negative effect.

Never said it was, the thrust was, as I see it about, being told what to do.

See, over this period, some folks have adopted the attitude that, presenting “The Facts” to an anti vaxer should be enough to change there stance, is that not indirect telling someone what they should do?

How can it be if it’s just a suggestion or opinion ?
No one is forcing anyone … yet.

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You use force, I use your lingo “Telling”

That seemed to agitate you.

You’ve lost me Spitty … nothing has agitated me. What do you mean?

Okay I’ll phrase it another way.
My brother is an avti-vaxer, yet when he was telling me all the reasons why he was against the vaccination I didn’t actually think he was telling me not to have one.

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I have several anti vaxx friends. None of them have been on this sabotage protest but one does go on demos/marches etc. My anti vax friend in the US, well the whole family has had covid recently and some were hospitalised. But there is no point trying to convince anyone to have the vaccine because some of these are deeply held ethical issues. For example some vegans refuse vaccination. Then there are those who are anti abortion. Forget the side effects, religious beliefs and ethics override that in those I know. I have said, the humanitarian ethics of having the vaccine should outweigh these considerations. But it’s their right to choose IMO. This is why I am against compulsory vaccination. But I am very pro vaccine for those who agree to have it.

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Being a certain age makes the decision easier, If I were 40 years younger, I would be anti Vax, but, at this age, what ever takes you out, takes you out, so, one has to feel for the youngsters, just in case.

I was watching a Youtube video this evening, of a guy who (unbeknown to me…I thought he was a nature, prepper type) who turned out to be anti vaxx, and he was going on about there being a totalitarian agenda. I just wanted to know about cooking outside :roll_eyes:

I think some folks have just got the wrong end of the stick.