Covid: Most Conservative MPs ditch masks as Commons returns

More opposition MPs than Conservatives covered their faces, as MPs sat shoulder-to-shoulder to discuss developments in Afghanistan. Government ministers, including cabinet ministers, were also pictured maskless during the proceedings.

It is the first time the Commons, which has been recalled to debate the crisis, has been full since March 2020.

A Downing Street spokesman said the government was still advising people in England to wear face coverings in crowded places but the Commons was a “matter for the parliamentary authorities”.

The Commons authorities are continuing to “strongly encourage” MPs to wear face coverings in the chamber.

A union representing parliamentary staff accused non-mask wearing MPs of showing “contempt” towards their colleagues and Commons personnel.

Tories do it their way and sod the plebs … :roll_eyes:


Yeah, I’d like to see the outcome of any mass screening/testing for Covid of both sides following that debate.