Covid in Wales: What could happen if cases get worse?

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After falling for a short time, Wales’ Covid rates are rising again.

Health chiefs in England are urging UK ministers to move ahead with “plan B”, reintroducing some of the rules and guidance abandoned in the summer. That could see vaccine passports for clubs and big events, mask wearing indoors and people asked to work from home. But much of that plan B is already in place in Wales, where there is a different plan if the situation spirals out of control and hospital pressures become too much for the NHS to cope. It means the question about what could be done is very different and is, in some ways, much more profound.

What are Covid cases like in Wales?

Wales’ case rate stands at 617 per 100,000 people over seven days. It had been rising after falling from about 652 on 23 September, and in recent weeks has been higher than any other UK nation.

What are Wales’ Covid restrictions?

Currently Wales, in common with the rest of the UK, has no restrictions on social contact, and all businesses are allowed to open. But there are some restrictions in place that resemble what is dubbed as ‘plan B’ for England. Mask wearing is the law in shops, on public transport and in hospitals and social care. The exception is in pubs, restaurants and nightclubs, where they are not mandated. People are also expected to obtain a NHS Covid pass if they are going to large events, a nightclub or a venue that’s similar to a nightclub.

What is Wales’ Covid plan?

There have been several Welsh government plans drawn up during the pandemic, changed when ministers felt the circumstances warrant it. In the latest, Wales is currently classed as being “Covid Stable”, where the restrictions are not re-imposed. The other scenario is “Covid Urgent”, drawn up if new and unexpected Covid pressures emerge. There is no formal trigger point, but they could be a new variant which does not respond to the vaccine, or unsustainable pressure if the protection from the vaccine wanes quicker than predicted.

Could Wales lock down alone?

Moving to Covid Urgent, and a ramping up of restrictions on businesses, poses real problems for a devolved government that cannot summon large pots of cash. Simply put, a long Welsh lockdown without help from the UK government could leave many out of work and facing significant financial hardship.

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At the end of the day, it’s all down to the people and how they go about their daily lives. Act fully responsibly and contain the spread, or carry on as before and watch the virus and any of it’s variants forever spread. It really is that simple.