Covid booster being offered to over 50s this Autumn

Did anyone watch Unvaccinated last night 9pm BBC 2?
It looked very interesting, I recorded it.

My sister and brother are over 75 so have both had a 4th booster in the latest round.
I don’t qualify till the Autumn but am looking forward to having my next booster, the effect of the one I had in October must be minimal now.

I had a severe reaction to the second dose, that hasn’t put me off though . I know with my health history if I catch Covid I could be very ill and as I already have breathlessness and trouble breathing at times the thought of spending a long time
on a ventilator unable to move is my worst nightmare.

I am still taking every precaution. I seem to be surrounded by people with Covid at the moment including neighbours back from holiday .

I started watching that, Ruthio, but missed half of it.

I did see one young lass on there saying about how ill her friend was after vaccination.
She was only in her 20’s, and had always been fit and well - then she had the vaccine.
Within 5 days, this girl had had a stroke, and 3 heart attacks!!

The interviewer asked - “How do you know it was because of vaccination?”

Seems one helluva coincidence to me if it wasn’t!


The pneumonia vaccine is a one off.

It did not work for me, recently in hospital for 3 weeks with pneumonia.

The flu vaccine is annual and this is possible because flu has been around a long time,studied thoroughly and the direction of mutation can be fairly accurately predicted.

COVID is new and is mutating rapidly so we are playing catch-up, hence the multiple vaccines.

You can still be hospitalised with COVID, many are. Treatment is better but it is still filling up beds and delaying treatment for other things.

Here we have long delays outside A&E for ambulances.

Some of this is down to Resus being split into red and green to avoid spreading COVID

And apparently this virus is getting stronger as it mutates not weaker as others have done in the past.

My body is a covid and flu vaccine free zone, and always will be.



Normal, rational people can make up their own minds whether they want any more vaccine or not.
What annoys me more than anything, is the way we are constantly bullied over it.

I tried it, but my body couldn’t handle it.
End of.

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Ah, the wonderfully unbiased BBC at it again!

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In case you were wondering…

Reports from the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System. Our default data reflects all VAERS data including the “nondomestic” reports.

I wasn’t wondering, thanks.
I’m more interested in the OPs opening article.

I’ll be going for mine when I’m invited to.

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On 5 May, Fox News host Tucker Carlson delivered a 10-minute monologue casting doubt on the safety of COVID-19 vaccines on his show, Tucker Carlson Tonight. He announced that almost 4000 people had died after getting COVID-19 vaccines, and added that those data “comes from VAERS,”—the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, a U.S. government program that collects reports of side effects possibly caused by vaccines.

It was a misleading statement. The reporting of a death to VAERS indicates nothing about what caused it, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC’s) subsequent investigations have found no indication that deaths were caused by COVID-19 vaccines, save in a small subset with an extremely rare clotting disorder linked to one vaccine. But the TV segment pulled VAERS, a 31-year-old early warning system widely relied on by scientists, even deeper into the culture wars over vaccination. After the broadcast, a new phalanx of antivaccine activists began plumbing VAERS for data to scare the public about vaccination.

  • Results may have been influenced by biases including different vaccination policies in each region examined, and publicity on events of myocarditis and pericarditis following mRNA vaccines.
  • The study relied on outputs from spontaneous reporting systems in which the level of detail differed between the systems examined; furthermore, it is not possible to estimate incidence rates using spontaneous reports due to the lack of data on the exposed population, and there is no unvaccinated comparison group.

You have the advantage Omah, because the establishment close anything down that might show the vaccines in a bad light. That in itself is very suspicious don’t you think?

AFAIK, neither of your sources has been closed down.

I did spend some time reading the BMJ article - what I gleaned from it was that the reported incidence of myocarditis or pericarditis is very rare following some Covid19 vaccinations - there is no evidence it is directly linked (people can have episodes of either of these inflammations due to other causes too, even due to a common cold.)
I also noticed that the incidents reported were mostly young men and hardly any incidents were reported in the older population.

My conclusion was that the article was irrelevant to me - and probably not relevant to the health of most folk on an over 50s website - the topic was about the “Covid Booster being offered to the Over 50s this Autumn”
That headline about myocarditis/pericarditis suggesting there is a link, appearing on a website for older people is a bit scaremongering, in my opinion.

If people do not want to have a vaccination themselves, I totally respect their right not to - but I do object to folk trying to scare other people off having them.



I came out of Hospital today, an Isolation Room, they where queuing up to get it.

Three beds in one bay filled with new Covid.

Yes, they all had medical issues, but survivable except for Covid.

So, so, glad to be home and minimal risk of infection now.


Good.Don’t go back! :grinning:

Glad to hear you are out of hospital and back home again, Swimmy
Wishing you all the Best. :kissing_heart:

Same from me :+1: