Covid 2nd Booster

We’ve had notification and have booked our 2nd Booster for 9th April.

Looking forward to receiving it and being able to feel protected again when going out more and on holiday. We still wear our masks when shopping and when travelling on buses or trains.

Has anyone else booked their 2nd Booster yet or have you decided to give it a miss?

I had a letter before xmas from the local healthcare trust (Imperial College), saying I should have the 4th jab 3 months after the third, so it was due late Jan. So late Jan I contacted my GP practice who said they haven’t started 4th jabs yet, they’ll be in touch, but they haven’t. I don’t mind having it, if & when.

3-4 weeks ago I had the virus … very mild and my official isolation period end about a week ago. Perhaps I could ask again sometime soon about this 4th jab.

Talking to two elderly neighbours (85) and they have both received letters for the 4th jab and as has been the case since the first vaccine rollout NHS Lothian could not organise a piss up in a brewery. They have invited the two non drivers to go to Haddington for the jab, we live in Edinburgh, this would be a two bus trek to get there.
Edinburgh had the lowest rollout figures in the whole of Scotland purely because the health board could not organise local centres.

The health board hear me if they send me to some out of town centre, they wanted me to go to the Highland showground on the outskirts of Edinburgh and you can only get there by car.

This is so typical of the health boards woeful organisational skills.

Son had his 4th one last Tuesday, and mil had hers on friday

My Son has had his 4th jab, the oncology sent a letter for him & Daughter took him down to the pop up clinic for it 2 weeks ago. Not heard from the health centre when I can have mine yet.

I’m not eligible, but Mr B is. However, as he now has Covid anyway, he won’t be able to have the booster just yet!

We’re not old enough yet. Another 3 years to go unless they change the rules and regs again.

I’ve booked Mum’s for next week.

Our surgery notified us and our Booster will be 6 months from our last one.

Just had my forth jab today…walked into the Romford Jab center no appointment and had it there and then.

Had my last Jab just under 5 months ago.

Think you can have it if over 75 and after 3 months after you last jab

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Not old enough but would have it if asked.

If this is the 4th jab then the Federal Government has approved a fourth dose for designated groups

The Commonwealth’s expert vaccine advisory group, ATAGI, has recommended extra COVID-19 vaccinations for people over the age of 65 and those who are immunocompromised.

Indigenous Australians over the age of 50 and people living in aged and residential care will also be offered another dose. The roll out commences on the 4th April.

The benefit seems rather limited

The 3rd dose has had very limited take up here something like 60% compared to 95%+ for the first two doses.

I am not sure if I will bother.

Yes, 75. Mine is due in April.

Just back from having Booster 2, waited about 10 minutes before we had our jabs. There was a good turn out of Over 75s there.

This time we were given the Moderna vaccine instead of Pfiser which we had in previous vacs. No waiting around after, we were allowed to leave straight after.

Hoping there will be no reaction from it later. :slightly_smiling_face:

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My arm began aching during the evening and I came over very tired.
I don’t usually go to bed before midnight but last night I felt exhausted and crawled into bed before 10pm. Restless night.

This morning still feeling tired and drained.

Hope things improve during the day. Hey-ho!

Mr Mags feels fine except for an aching arm.

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