COVID-19 : What is the Truth About Jabs and Baby Deaths

An interesting article in Conservative Woman, written by health journalist Sally Beck. I wrote some time ago why people were cautious about taking vaccines, especially pregnant women.

We will never be told the whole truth, Bread.
It’s up to people to try and find out for themselves, but who to believe is the problem.

As I said months back, I used the Yellow card system for reporting bad side affects too, but many people still have never heard of it even. Why don’t doctors tell people to use it ey?
So if bad things happen and people don’t report them, that is logical enough to me, to see that all the statistics we are given cannot possibly be accurate.

Your absolutely right, Mups.

The yellow card system is vital if we are to protect people from future side effects but the problem is that as you say, people don’t know about it or simply can’t be bothered with the hassle.

At some point the data will be sufficient to trigger conclusions which simply cannot be refuted. That time will come soon hopefully, provided people aren’t afraid of coming forward and voicing them.

Thank you Bread.

Trouble is, if GP’s, hospitals, and pharmacies don’t inform people to use the yellow card scheme, I am convinced many, many problems are never known about.

Even some of those little leaflets they put in prescription medicines say to report side affects to yellow cards, but I have never once heard a doctor say it.

I wonder why . . :thinking:

Its the responsibility of the Pharma companies as well. It’s drummed into us at work constantly and we need to hold training records to prove we are communicating the yellow card system.

My girlfriend works in the pharmacy and she seldom hears of reports of side effects, the same as Drs they listen, smile and then move on to something else without reporting it. For drugs that are on the market for a long time I can understand there may not be new side effects but in the case of Pfizer, AZ and Moderna these vaccines are all still under trial conditions and licensed for emergency use only, yet billions have people have had them, some 2 or 3 times.

In the case of the covid vaccines the accountability is made even worse because the manufacturers cannot be prosecuted under the emergency use licensing, instead the government takes the hit for it.

Spot on, Bread. :+1:

And with a brand new drug like these new vaccines, surely it is vital to report ALL results, not just the good ones.

Exactly and I’m sure they are being reported but not made public - in the case of Pfizer the courts overturned their request with the FDA in the USA to release all documentation on their vaccine. They originally had 50 years to release it, requested to extend it to 75 years but the courts ruled against it.

Instead they have to release all documentation within 8 months.

So the truth will come out, that I can guarantee,

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