Covid-19 Vaccinations

Sorry to hear that LongDriver, I hope you are both feeling better.
Try and enjoy the festive period, and I agree with you about the commercialism…It’s getting well out of hand, and not just at Christmas either. We are bombarded day and night by people wanting to sell us stuff, not least the government. How did it come to this after those heady days in the fifties when life seemed so easy and simple…?

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The point about the 50’s into the 60’s was we went out & about making our own merriment without resorting to retail therapy as many do today. Just look at all the dance n music venues that have closed down to become some new retail outlet. Life now seems to revolve around shopping and clubbing. Sex too seems to have changed for the worse IMO … it seems to be expected almost as much as it is freely given … now where the thrill in that :man_shrugging:. Don’t take any notice of me coz I’m in reminiscing mode LOL

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It’s funny you should say you weren’t too well after. I wasn’t poorly but after about 2 days and lasting a week my skin itched and prickled all over. it felt crawly under the skin. It drove me nuts but I didn’t dare scratch.

I imagine a lot of people won’t want yet another booster.


Theres no real way of knowing the real reason though LD.
It may have been because your body had had enough of 3 doses pumped over just a few months, or perhaps mixing AZ with Pfeizer didnt suit you even?
Then you might even be offered another entirely different one again in the spring!
I really do worry about such a serious cocktail of new drugs injected into us over such a short time.
They only tweak the Flu one once a year as new variants come.

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No one should worry, if you have put enough years in already, was told that before any Pandemic. :icon_wink:

Had to listen to a lot of Bravado.

My first two shots were AZ but my booster was Pfizer, after the booster my arm was sore for about thee days whereas after the AZ I don’t recall any particular reaction, if my arm was sore it was only on the day of the jab. They all seem to affect people differently but I would happily receive Pfizer again (AZ is a thing of the past) and would try Moderna without any qualms.

Never mix your drinks, retrospectively, you will never be able to work out which one was responsible for the “Puke” reaction.

Yes I had that too, but then many thing make me itch, especially on my arms for which I take Telfast 180 daily, but that med did not help me with the Pfizer shot and even now I have a hot red and angry rash remaining on one arm.

Morti, it’s funny you should say that about the itching. Where did you itch - if I may ask - was it at the injection site, or all over?
I ask because I had the the most dreadful itching and tingling all over my scalp and down the back of my neck to my shoulders.
It was waking me up night after night, and it got to the point where I could barely comb my hair, and couldn’t have the hair dryer on anything but ‘cool’ because it burnt my skin.
Really weird it was and it was 3 weeks or more before it went.
Never had that in me life before.

Then the Flu jab made my arm swell over about an 8" area. It went crimson and burnt like hell. Had to see the doc in the end.

@Mups … sounds very like your itching/tingling/prickling Mups.

Mine was all over and kept me awake at night … like you I found getting over warm made it worse but mine wasn’t as bad as yours. It didn’t feel like ‘burn’.
At worst, it felt like someone lightly stabbing with pins.
I tell you, at the time if it had been my face or mouth I’d have been a little concerned.

It was the Pfizer booster did it. The two earlier Astra Zeneca shots did’n t do the same thing… it suddenly stopped but every now and then, even now, I can feel odd little tingles, just localised, then they vanish after a few minutes.

If there’s a 4th booster and its Pfizer I might think twice.

How weird.
I am ever so glad you said this Mort as I hadn’t heard of anyone else saying it so wasn’t sure to connect it with the vaccination or not, but too much of a coincidence now.

I think all the vaccines effect different people in different ways, just the same as Covid itself does.

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These skin irritations sound exactly like Mrs Fox and I suffered while having the real covid. It was impossible to stand under the shower, and it was like being pricked all over, such was the sensitivity of the skin. It lasted about five days.

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@Mups@OldGreyFox … this is where forums are great for comparing notes.


Nobody in our family group have had any adverse reactions to the vaccinations. We all have had a mixture of AZ and Pfizer.

Neither has mine scott…

I felt a bit of a crawly feeling with pfizer but just the overnight the day after the jab. It wasn’t like pin pricks but felt as though something was happening. Nothing like the reaction to the first AZ jab which was just awful.

I have a sore arm with any vaccine. I’ve had it with travel vaccines and every time I have flu vaccine. I think that’s just the intra muscular thing. Perhaps depends on your physiology as to how much you suffer. I’ve never had swelling at the site. I understand that is a common side effect of moderna.

It’s starting to feel like ‘pick & Mix’ at Woollies (that was).
I wonder what Moderna will have in store for us unsuspecting pin cushions.

My arm hurt a bit after the AZ first jab … just a sore muscle feeling.

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Tht’s interesting, Foxy.
How strange, isn’t it.

Will we have choice on the next Booster? at least Flu left us alone during the Spring and Summer :grinning: