Covid-19 Vaccinations

We had out first vaccination this morning.

We arrived at the Medical Centre at 11.10am for our 11.30am appointment. We were told we could go straight in.

Everyone was so friendly, it was a well organised system considering it covered 5 practices.

After the usual hand sanitising we were both shown into the room where a nurse asked a few questions, then I offered to have the first vac, Mr M followed suit. No problem at all, just felt a slight prick with the needle which didn’t even make me wince, then it was all done. We were then given a card as proof of vaccination.
I think the secret is to relax your arm not hold it tense, then the needle goes in better.:wink:

We left the room and were handed a timer which was set for 15mins and escorted to a waiting room to await the timer to buzz.
After, we were escorted to the way out - didn’t have to touch a door all through the process.

We actually left the Med Centre 1 minute before our original appointment time! That’s what I call good service! :slight_smile:

Well done to our local doctors and all the NHS staff for a harmless experience!

We were told we will receive a phone call to have the 2nd vac in 3 - 12 weeks.

Feeling fine at the moment, no aches, pains or headaches :023:


Well done, Mags, stay safe.keep us informed please, as how the days go and how you’re feeling.:slight_smile:

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England seems to be ahead of Scotland with the vaccination programme. I am 83 and it looks like it will be into February before I get mine.

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My daughter keeps phoning me to ask how I feel - I told her I was getting worried as I thought I was growing another head! :mrgreen: She’s stopped worrying now :wink:

It seems we were in good company this morning :wink:

How are you feeling mags…?, I’m a bit tired and lethargic today and my arms hurting, especially if I lay on it, and I have a headache, although I do get headaches frequently so I’m not sure if it’s related to the vaccine, glad you both have had it though mags, atm, we seem to be in a very exclusive club,

I’m absolutely fine at the moment Primus, no soreness or bruising at all, I expect any reactions may start tonight. I’ll report tomorrow :wink:

We were told to take some paracetamols if we didn’t feel too good later so I’m hoping that won’t be necessary.

Hopefully you’ll feel a lot better after a day or two Primus. Let us know how you are feeling tomorrow.

Fingers crossed for you and Mr Mags.

Good for you and Mr Mags, Mags

I hope everyone gets it done

Mrs M and I got ours this morning – same procedure including the 15 minute wait before leaving. I don’t feel anything different but she is not sure…

My husband had his jab on December 30th and has not had any side-effects at all, thank goodness! Not even a sore arm. We are waiting to see whether he gets his second jab on January 20th as per his appointment … we haven’t heard anything to the contrary from the surgery so I’m hoping he will still get it. We shall see.

Good to hear that yours went well Mags.

Thanks Percy :slight_smile:

Thank you Rhian. :slight_smile:

I agree, the more who have it, the better chance we have of defeating this virus. :023:

I’m pleased to hear that Mr Magoo, I hope you both will be ok.

Thanks Margaret :slight_smile:

It’s good to hear your husband suffered no side effects. :slight_smile:

I hope they can squeeze him in for his second jab on the 20th, fingers crossed for you both.

Pleased for you both Mags. :slight_smile:

We took my Mum a couple of weeks ago and it was a shambles, waiting outside for half an hour in the cold with no shelter, then reams of paperwork to fill in before even getting the jab. We were there almost two hours, so I hope that they can pick up a few pointers from down your way to improve their service or it will be impossible to vaccinate enough people quickly enough to make a difference. :shock:

Thanks Barry :slight_smile:

I’m so sorry to hear your Mum had to wait outside in the cold for all that time. That’s what I was dreading as I can’t stand for long without getting a backache. We didn’t have to fill in any paperwork, just answer about 6 questions we had already answered on the phone when they were making the appointment. There was someone on the computer in the room so maybe they had all our information to hand. We were literally only in the room for 5 minutes.

It’s a similar scenario here … I walked past the vaccination site yesterday and there was about a dozen over-80’s standing queuing in the car park in the cold. I felt for them, I really did. They looked frozen.
Cars were queuing to get on the car park , with volunteer marshals directing them where to park and warning them of the wait.
Doubtless practise will make perfect. It’s an ambitious project and the logistics must be awful.

Glad that’s the first bit done for you both, Mags.
It must help things along when they are well organised too.

There was a Doctor on telly yesterday who had just had his, and he said the next day he felt ’ Not quite right, but certainly not ill.’

I suppose the Flu jab affects us all differently too, but interesting to hear how you get on.

Good news Mags :038: you are in good company with the Queen who had hers today.

Lots of members of my health support group have had their vaccination and no one seems to have had as much as a sore arm .
I won’t mind if I do get a sore arm, is shows my antibodies are reacting and I will do what I do every year with the Flu vaccination, massage the site gently and if it hurts the next day apply an ice pack