COVID-19: Plan B or not Plan B?

It seems that procrastination prevails (as usual) at BJ’s bastion:

Recorded cases:

Official figures show the UK recorded 49,156 coronavirus cases on 18 October - the highest number since mid-July. A further 45 deaths within 28 days of a positive test were also reported.

Despite acknowledging the rising number of cases, Downing Street said the Cabinet did not discuss rolling out Plan B of the Covid Autumn and Winter Plan. The Prime Minister’s official spokesman said: “It remains the case we would only look to use that if the pressure on the NHS was looking to become unsustainable.”

This despite:

The NHS Confederation said a back-up strategy, or Plan B, which includes mandatory face coverings in crowded and enclosed spaces, should be implemented. Matthew Taylor, head of the NHS Confederation, which represents health service organisations, urged the government to roll out Plan B to avoid hospitals becoming overwhelmed.

“The health service is right at the edge,” he told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme. The pressures would only grow worse and the nation had to make a decision to take pre-emptive action, he said, adding: “Or do we stumble into a crisis once again, despite the evidence?”

Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng said it was not time for Plan B yet and urged greater uptake of booster jabs. He said he did not want further lockdowns or to jeopardise the “hard-won gains” of reopening the economy.

So, we shall see … :069:


It was annoying on the BBC News this morning, I think it was Charlie Stayt questioning the Business Secretary, he missed the opportunity to ask the minister for his opinion as to the comparable figures for UK and France, and his opinion to the reason for the differential.

But the NHS is already buckling under the strain…:woman_shrugging:

So it looks like lessons are not being learned after all…as per usual.


Kwasi Kwateng was on Today (Radio 4) earlier and he started the interview by saying he would only answer questions regarding business; anything else and they would have to ask the relevant Minister.

Like I mentioned previously, SA had a third wave during winter and our temperatures don’t drop as low as your regions up North. In my opinion ( yes, I said that phrase :roll_eyes: ) best you folks prepare for the worst case scenario!

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Indeed, BJ’s taking the country backwards:

Patients admitted

Latest data provided on 16 October 2021



Last 7 days


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Any other country in the entire world would be taking action on this.

Any other country.

Except us. :cry:


Unless…the plan is to reduce the population! Let’s face it - patients with Covid were returned to Care Homes!! Given that Bojo is a useless piece of poo who cares nothing for people who didn’t have the benefit of a private education and influential friends! I wouldn’t put it past that prat to go for “natural selection”. As for the so-called “Announcement” last week - how pathetic that was. No decisions, no directives, just a reminder to “do the right thing”. Ineffectual poppycock! TORIES OUT!!!