Could You Eat Baked Beans On Top Of Your Weetabix?

Baked beans on top of your Weetabix? Well, this is what the makers of Weetabix are suggesting to Weetabix lovers.

I am so pleased that l don’t like Weetabix or baked beans. The thought makes me feel sick! But who knows, it might be quite nice?
I don’t think you are meant to pour milk on them though!!

Is this combination, something you would enjoy?

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Yuk no :slight_smile:
When I have baked beans which is rare and on sufferance, I have about 10 beans spread out on some toast :slight_smile:

Meg, Imagine all that roughage with the Weetabix and beans!! Healthy l suppose but yuk!

Not even with a fiver with it - I can’t abide baked beans.

No thanks, I don’t like Weetabix!

My grandchildren used to have them buttered and ate them like biscuits! :surprised:

I like baked beans and I like Weetabix but imagining the combination makes me gag …:078:

Mags, l have known people who like butter on Weetabix. To me it would be like eating buttered corrugated cardboard!

Omah, That pic should not be shown before the ‘watershed’ as it might upset some viewers!! :lol::lol:

I can’t see Omah’s picture…is it gone? Not that I would ever have baked beans with Weetabix, that’s just wrong. I do like both items, but separately…at separate times of the day too! :smiley:

Yucky, yuckity, yuck, yuck!

Sorry, Judd. I didn’t see your post until now!
I don’t like baked beans but some people seem to live on them!

Pixie, l can see the pic on my iPad.
Maybe, the pic of the Weetabix and beans made your computer feel sick too!

Minx, Ditto, Ditto, Ditto!

Must say I haven’t tried it - yet :cool:

Tubby, Please report back if you do… l mean that’s after your tummy has settled down and stopped erupting! :lol:

It’s not my tummy I’m worried about :lol:

Ok then… have a nice flight! :lol:

Arty, this is the King of Marmite you are talking to! His stomach is cast iron - he would likely love the baked beans & weetabix concoction (with a dollop of the black stuff too!).

Pixie, That’s yukkier than ever!

The tomato sauce would make the milk red. It would be a very bloody mixture.