Cost of Living Award

Anyone know anything about this.
I received a letter from my council telling me that £150 will be credited to my council tax bill does this mean that foe a while I will be paying less council tax?
To be honest my council really goes for complicated when it comes to applying for any form of benefit or for that matter anything else. Even my welfare officer hates the complexity of their councils system, so it would be difficult to pop on line to check what I will be paying in the financial year 2022/23.

Yeah it was something the government promised
This explains more Glenn

Mine will be paid directly into my bank as a one off payment.

Thanks Ash but that is not they way it is happening up here in Scotland.
It seems that this award will show on my council tax annual bill with instalments across 2022/23.
I see that there is an email contact address so will try and clarify exactly what is happening.

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If this is the Government’s Energy Rebate Scheme, the Govt guidelines to Councils is that the Rebate should be paid directly to the Householder as soon as possible after the start of the Council Tax Year begins.
It’s supposed to be for immediate support to deal with rising costs, so just adjusting your Council Tax payments over a year will not be in the spirit of the Government’s intention,

The website of my local Council says if you pay your Council Tax by Direct Debit, the £150 Council Tax Rebate will automatically be paid directly to your bank account, which is in line with what the Government website says it is directing them to do.

“Where a council holds live direct debit instructions for a liable council taxpayer of an eligible household, they should make an automatic payment as early as possible in the 2022-23 financial year, provided that they are assured that the household is eligible and the bank details have been verified.”

Energy Bill Rebate

Edited to Add: Sorry, I had posted this before I saw your latest post, explaining you were in Scotland. I don’t know what arrangements each of the devolved Governments have made for its payment.

This is what I am trying to find out.
Discovered this which suggests the council can decide how this award is paid and in my case it is as a credit to council tax though how us mere mortal are supposed to check this is a mystery.

Payment and Delivery

As set out in paragraph 5 above, the overriding objective is the award is made to eligible households before the end of April 2022. As set out in paragraph 7, it is recognised that local authorities’ existing administrative systems can, in the main, facilitate payments being made as a credit to the council tax accounts of eligible persons in this time frame. In these cases, the £150 credit should be identified in 2022-23 council tax bills. It is also recognised that some local authorities may wish to make the payments by cheque, by BACS or similar. Therefore, local authorities have discretion to choose how this support is delivered to eligible persons in order to ensure delivery in April 2022.