Cosmetics Scam

Not surer if this should be in the Beauty section or not?

Did anyone see telly last night, where there was a programme on about scams involving people buying make-up online, whether for themselves or for presents for someone else?

There was a pretty young girl on who bought a normally very expensive brand lipstick because it was reduced by £30.
When she put it on, shortly afterwards her lips began tingling and swelling at an alarming rate, it looked awful.

The presenters said there is a lot of fake stuff going round and products have been found to contain the following:

Paint stripper
And even faeces!!!

They were warning if any product is being offered at a silly knock down price at the moment, don’t touch it.

You know the old saying … if something looks too good to be true - it probably is.

People really need to take responsibility for their actions. Fakes abound online as they do in markets and cheapo stores on the high street.

There are certain things I will not buy online unless I am absolutely certain where they are coming from, batteries and the like are a no no especially from places such as Ebay and Amazon who do very little to weed out the fake sellers.

As for make up which I have no experience of buying, people should do their research before buying places like Trustpilot are useful.

I don’t use makeup, I’ve always been a natural outdoor type. Makeup just didn’t go with the image. :lol: Better for the skin too.

I agree with you Mr. Fraggle, but unfortunately many people are looking for ‘bargains’ at this time of year, that’s the trouble.

What I can never understand about any fake goods is that if someone goes to all the trouble of faking something, why not just make a good product and sell it for more money with no come backs.

Stick with decent companies you can trust boots, etc do great bargains at this time of the year and won’t be stocking the knock offs.

Good for you Roxy, sensible lass.

I convinced my other half to stop wearing make-up many years ago and to just be natural. There is nothing healthy about slapping crap all over your face and blocking the pores.

Years and years later my wife now still looks lovely with beautiful skin and other women her age who wore make up all their lives look haggard and wrinkled.

Make up should be a personal choice not something anyone is persuaded to do or not IMO I didn’t wear any for decades, my choice but as soon as I became menopausal I disappeared into a grey blob, no colour at all it seemed, so I started using a little eye makeup and lippy, made a huge difference to how I felt about myself. I can’t wear foundation etc I always feel like I’ve got a dirty face but a little eye make up and lippy suits me these days.

Quite right Julie, it should be a personal choice and I for one would not dream of telling my later better half whether to wear make up or not unless of course it was a tad over the top.

I never saw it Mupsy.
Oh the thought - yuk

Mups, Do you know what Channel and time it was on? I have looked in my television book for last night’s programmes but can’t find it.

Those cosmetics you mention sound horrific.
I stick to brands that l have used for years, like Nivea, Astral, Ponds, Leichner, Revlon and Maybelline.

Realist, l am afraid, l cannot agree with you on this one and feel you are generalising.
I have used cosmetics from the age of 17 and my skin has hardly any lines, only at the corner of my eyes and that’s because l laugh a lot!
If you don’t remove your make up thoroughly, every night and moisturise, then it might damage your skin.
I also feel, the make up l wear, protects my face from the harsh elements, the sun and the wind.
Who on earth wants to look like a Plain Jane when a little make can enhance your looks and lift your self esteem!

I knew a couple and the controlling husband forbid his wife to wear make up, as he didn’t want other men looking at her.

Sorry Realist, got to agree wholeheartedly with Arty on this one :023::023:

I love to see women wearing make up so long as it is not over the top and is well applied. Women are beautiful anyway (much better looking than us old geezers) but there’s nothing wrong with a bit of enhancement IMO. I do like bright lippy (much to the amusement of Mrs LD).

I suppose the answer is to stick to the brands you know and buy from a reputable shop.

Why do you consider your natural self to be “Plain Jane”?
Why should you natural self leave you with low self esteem?


It’s just how it is and how you feel. How many women have you heard say, l couldn’t leave the house without any make up on?

I even remember, my ex husband saying, he felt more confident meeting people if his hair was washed and tidy

You do have to be careful where you buy from. I’ve had some fake bio oil from amazon. I didn’t use it.

I like a bit of make up these days but I’ve never suited slapping it on. I like Garnier’s tinted moisturister instead of foundation at the moment. Bourjois has some nice bits and pieces but I wish they would stop changing all the time. Maybelline lippy is the perfect mix of colour and gloss. It just makes for a more polished look particularly when you work in a corporate environment as I do. The only thing I can’t stand is mascara and eye liner. I doubt either is good for the eye or the delicate skin around it.

My skin is perfectly fine btw Realist. Wrinkles and sagging are down to all sorts of factors including genetics and bone structure, as well as diet and lifestyle, the weather etc. I’m not sure where I read it but apparently jogging is really bad for making your face sag. Who’d have thought it.

Annie, I heard that about jogging causing you to get jowls. There was a local woman who was always jogging, lovely slim figure but her jowls were really bad!

Art a few years ago I worked with a lady who was always doing marathons. She’d had botox as she could not understand why her face was slipping. She was only 40 but her jawline was more like 60. I didn’t know back then that jogging can do this to you as it was during my (thankfully brief) flirtation with long distance running.

It seems everything in moderation is the best thing for your skin and overall health.

My apologies Art, I confess I forgot to answer your question.
I can’t remember now which programme I was watching, it was one of those progs about Scams, like Watchdog or similar.

However, I did find this from ITV which may interest you: