Coronavirus (Covid-19) Vaccine Morbidity & Mortality Research - the latest from Bahrain after over 1 million people were vaccinated

Just-released data from Bahrain following over a million vaccinated people receiving one of four jabs to protect against Covid-19 shows the Astra Zeneca (Covishield) vaccine to be the most effective, with just 1.52% hospitalised and 0.03% fatalities.

This compares to Pfizer/Biontech’s 1.99% hospitalised and 0.15% fatalites; Sputnk V’s 2.24% hospitalised and 0.09% fatalities; and Sinopharm’s 0.57% admissions & 0.46% fatalities.

As with all research you need to consider a number of potential differences and factors which might affect how their results might differ from what we see here, such as the relatively lower number of recipients of the AZ vaccine in Bahrain; the average age of the vaccinated; and other potential demographic differences.

But here are a few reports with the actual research last which contains a link to the full text in pdf format.

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Me and Mr M were given the Astra Zeneca (Covishield) vaccine.
Isn’t that the one that the EU refused to recognise at one time?

I suspect a lot of this now is all part of the hurly burly of who will get orders for any future boosters or jabs.
I understand Astra Zeneca have now stopped providing their vaccine for the not-for-profit cost price of about £2 … whereas the pandemic has made profits of 3.5 billion dollars for Pfizer.


AZ 1st dose nearly killed me so I blinkin well hope it protects me from covid!


it varies so much heh? - my first astraV gave me flu like symptoms for a few days - second dose fine - I would say that was normal for me - I never get flu without a shot but always have one anyone - so I am well shot at!

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Interesting stuff.

My friend’s 48 year old son caught Covid in Indonesia where he has just received one shot of Sinovax, His girlfriend and her brother caught the disease at the same time. He was very badly affected and spent 5 weeks in hospital on oxygen (not a ventilator) and has only recently returned to his home where he has a oxygen concentrator.

His GF and her brother were hardly affected by Covid but his lungs were badly affected and he is still recovering in Jakarta but is thinking of returning to his job in Medan.

Indonesia has had a lot of disease and he could not get into an ICU even in the private hospital where he was being treated. I understand he only had received the first shot of Sinovax in the week prior to contracting Covid so it wouldn’t have had time to have had an effect.

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Yes @Morticia, this is the one that various EU senior figures tried to rubbish too and which it has been shown seriously affected the uptake of vaccines across the EU.

As to AZ’s profits: you could be right, but I’ve seen nothing about them upping prices unlike Pfizer Biontech. :wink:

But for those interested, here’s a report from the end of April about AstraZeneca’s costs and a (to me) interesting piece in the Guardian from the end of July about sales of vaccines and profits.

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Just heard about someone in his 80’s so one of the first vaccinated in January using Pfizer Biontech who is very ill with C19.

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So much for all that crap the EU was spouting. It just goes to show how wrong they were.

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It’s not so much that they were wrong.
We all make mistakes.
It’s that they deliberately politicised vaccines at a time of pandemic and that, in my mind, is unforgivable behaviour because that is playing with peoples’ lives.