Cooking from scratch then freezing in batches

Saves us a fortune…I love doing it.

What do you cook from scratch then freeze it?

Pictures would be appreciated.

Post what you do in here.

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I prepare from scratch, batch cook, vac pack, and freeze almost all my food, Pauline, but it never occurs to me to photograph it. Thank you for making me smile! :grinning: :grinning:


Cooking from scratch butternut squash, onions, rep peppers, just roasted gives a nice flavour, then stock will be added, simmered on stove, then the pulser will be used to smooth it all down, cooled then frozen into batches…

Soup,for the oncoming of winter.


Living alone and cooking everything from scratch I batch cooking so I don’t have to spend hours every day cooking.
In the summer I have 3+ different salads every day and they take half the morning to prepare.


Two things we always have in our freezer: Veg Soup, Minced Beef.

Mrs d00d does the soup.

Minced Beef: keeping it simple… 2 packs of supermarket low fat mince, 2 tins of toms, 2 large onions, 3 or 4 cloves of garlic, 1 carrot, 1 oxo

I use this as
a pasta sauce, add cheese,
Chilli con Carne, add tobasco,
Cottage Pie, add worcs sauce.


Im learning to cook for one ,so far ive done a big dish of Lasagna,and also a large Cottage Pie, waited for it to cool then wrapped small portions in foil , then in a jipped freezer bag.
Im thinking a head in case i fall ill and dont feel like cooking , Ive also got a good supply of frozen Fish , and I buy Microwave Rice to go with it . So I will have quick meals that dont need to be preparing .

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I do it a lot, especially if I’m heading away to my own place for a while, then all himself has to do is take one out the freezer in the morning and heat it when he wants it in the evening. Things I make then freeze are,
Beef and Onion.
Spag Bol.
Curry. Beef /chicken.
Stew and potatoes.
Sweet n Sour Pork.
Sheperds Pie.


You all are my heroes. I’ve been wanting to do this forever. I look at pictures of meal prep online. Too much work for me right now, but you all give me inspiration. Thanks.

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Oh my word, my mouth is watering reading all of these replies,yum,yum, I can’t wait for my soup to be cooked, will have a bowl full.

butterscotch, you will save yourself a fortune plus time if you cook in bulk,then freeze it, it’s so worth spending a whole day doing it.

Thanks also for helping out on the forum, you and the others are making me a bit lazy though…I just think trust level,3 can do it for me…:+1::heartpulse:

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Like others I live alone so most of my food is cooked in batches and frozen otherwise I just wouldn’t bother, spending 20 minutes plus preparing food then 10 minutes washing up afterwards makes no sense when eating takes perhaps five minutes.

I tend to cook things like Spag Bol sauce, Butter chicken, type of food, things that go with rice, spag or pasta. Most of these meals I make in batches of five. The rice spaghetti etc can be cooked as needed and the sauce defrosted in the steam. I have about 20 meals in the freezer at this moment.

On the other hand my new(ish) air fryer has made a big difference to my menu, things which previously I cooked on my BBQ (saved washing up) can now be cooked in it and washing up the air fryer basket is a piece of the proverbial.

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I’ve often been told and often wondered "does freezing affect the flavors?

freezing can affect the consistencies and flavors

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I’ve been freezing for years, and never tasted any difference.

The only thing I don’t freeze is cod loins, my son can taste the difference ,he also tells me the fish is stringy on eating, he won’t eat it,…oh such a fussy eater.