Converting old tv's to utube possible

I have two old tv sets which are not Utuber - but I have just purchased a set of headphones - utubers I believe or capable of and have also been informed that I can buy smallish gadgets that can be inserted into the back of tv’s which will convert them into utube??? - can I believe my luck or is this just a fairy tale?/

When you say conversion to utube, do you mean converting to digital…?, if so, you would need a set top box or a fire stick or similar, does the tv have a hdmi port?

gummy, utube is never black and white, bin the old teles u old scrooge. :smiley:

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Went on utube yesterday and watched a video of a geezer with a drone filming and industrial site, getting assaulted by the site owners. I thought, that’s not good, OK the guy filming for his part was a bit bolshy but should not be attacked then I looked at his other utube content. He seems to specialize in getting up peoples noses, the number of vidoes which ended up with police intervention for public order offences was ridiculous!!!

When you say old TVs, how old? Square wooden box size with a Cathode Ray Tube and an EHT (Extra High Tension) voltage of 25.000 volts DC and an AC voltage of 7000?

My TV I have in my workshop delivers on-line content via a small ROKU box that plugs into one of the USB sockets that also provides the power it requires. It receives its signal via my broadband WiFi booster. That ROKU device can connect to You Tube :+1:

Some of those TVs also came with a double hernia included in the price.


lets start again - no not utube but Bluetooth - so I have some bluetooth headphones but old tv and I informed that I can possible get some stand alone gadgets that plug into somewhere on the old tv’s and make them bluetooth compatible - - I have read the guff on google but need simpler explanations from you geezers!!

so to summarize I already have bluetube headphones C6291 bluetooth headset

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Now don’t expect anything technical from me but we have an old tv in the garage

The Wi-Fi signal just reaches out there and we use it with a Bluetooth transmitter he got off EBay and an Amazon fire stick ( because there’s no aerial)

Don’t rely on me but the Bluetooth thingy just plugs into the TV audio output so you’d have to check that on your tv and that the one you buy has the right endy bit to plug into it

It works fine, he likes to listen to music and watch YouTube’s on his headphones while he works so he doesn’t inflict his dubious musical tastes on the neighbours :joy:

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yes that is what I’ve been reading along the way - so these gadgets do exist but come in different shapes and sizes one set of instructions talks about having a red and white plug to fit into the tv set - I’m treading on thin ice here that’s why I need some technocrats around??

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Old tellys bin them take them down the tip .

By the time you’ve around fiddled buying add ons might as well buy new ….

have you looked into getting a bluetooth dongle?you need to have a look at your TV ports first to see if they will accept

You’re in Aus I think, so the electrics are different?

Our Bluetooth thingy just has an end like on head phones and you plug it into the TV where you’d plug your headphones in?

It wasn’t expensive

many thanks for suggestions so far they are giving me clues !!!

that sounds like a good option will try for that but I live in a small town where they cannot tell the difference between an apple and an orange!

yea think these have done the trick - now to see if my small village shop has them!!

Not just the electrics are different, everything is different. You should see the size of their dunny budgies; they make stag beetles look small😁

never mind the dunny budgies - ya wanna get an eye full of the our budgie smugglers!!