Conservative Party donors and Plaid Cymru 27-year-old among new life peers in House of Lords

The government has announced 13 new peerages, including several donors to the Tory party, and the youngest ever member of the House of Lords.

The list features Stuart Marks, a Conservative treasurer who has donated £119,500 to the party since 2013, and Paul Goodman, editor of Tory news site Conservative Home.

Plaid Cymru nominee Carmen Smith, 27, will become the youngest ever peer.

Also nominated by the Conservative party is Franck Petitgas, Rishi Sunak’s business and investment adviser and former president of Morgan Stanley International, who has donated £35,000 to the Tory party.

The Conservative list also includes Charles Banner KC, a leading barrister who was pictured watching cricket with Rishi Sunak at Lords last summer.

Rosa Monckton, the disability campaigner who established Tiffany & Co in the UK, and Peter Booth, a design and retail businessman and national chairman of the Conservative National Convention, are also on the list.

Labour’s nominations include the former union boss John Hannett, the broadcaster and former adviser to Gordon Brown. Also on their list are journalist Ayesha Hazarika, solicitor Gerald Shamash, and Jane Ramsey, the party’s former standards and ethics adviser.

The joke becomes a farce … :roll_eyes:

A row has broken out in Plaid Cymru after an internal election for nominees to the House of Lords saw a lobbyist for a controversial wind power company elevated to first place on the list – even though she was decisively beaten in a members’ vote by former MP Elfyn Llwyd.

Although the voting figures haven’t been disclosed, Nation.Cymru understands that Carmen Smith, 27, who works for Bute Energy, received around 70 votes while Mr Llwyd got about 180 votes. A third candidate – longstanding party member Ann Griffith – secured around 40 votes.

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And this is the stuff they tell us about.

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Am I wrong in thinking that appointing new peerages was to be abandoned?

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AFAIK, no changes to the peerage system have been planned.

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