Conservative leadership: Rishi Sunak policy guide (full)

Tax & Spending

  1. Promises to reduce taxes “once we’ve gripped inflation” – saying it is a matter of when not if
  2. Pledges to cut basic rate of income tax by 1p in April 2024 and a further 3p by the end of the next Parliament
  3. Also pledges to scrap 5% VAT rate on household energy for one year if the price cap on bills rises above £3,000 for the typical household
  4. Says public sector pay deals should be decided by independent pay review bodies
  5. As chancellor raised National Insurance by 1.25p in the pound to pay for health and social care but also raised the earnings level at which it starts to be paid to £12,570
  6. Also announced plan to increase corporation tax from 19% to 25% in April 2023
  7. Promises to maintain defence spending and says we should view current minimum level of spending 2% of GDP “as a floor, not a ceiling”

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Didn’t he set all these in the first place? :017:

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So, he’ll continue them - the article includes his historical “achievements” - next:

Cost of Living:

  1. Says getting control of inflation - the rate at which prices are rising - is the most pressing issue
  2. Promises to focus on employment by making sure people have the skills they need for better paid jobs
  3. Says the long-term solution to heating bills is improving insulation in people’s homes and getting people the support to pay for that
  4. Pledges to scrap 5% VAT rate on household energy for one year if the price cap on bills rises above £3,000 for the typical household
  5. As chancellor announced an “Energy Profits Levy” – a windfall tax for energy firms - to pay for support
  6. This included a £650 payment to households on benefits, a £300 payment for pensioners who can get winter fuel allowance, and a £150 Disability Cost of Living payment
  7. All households were also given a £400 grant for energy bills in addition to £150 council tax rebate previously announced
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When did No.7 happen?

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29 July 2022

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Ahh, ok…for a moment I thought it had already happened and I missed it somehow! :scream:

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Relax … you’re in the queue … :069:


  1. Says he will honour the goal of reaching net zero by 2050
  2. Says net zero targets need to be met through green energy and by increasing economic growth
  3. Says politicians need to make sure they bring people with them, rather than going too hard or too fast on reducing emissions
  4. Would reverse plans to scrap the ban on building new onshore windfarms but start to expand the offshore wind programme
  5. Would introduce a legal target to make the UK energy self sufficient by 2045 - and try to beat it
  6. While he was in the Treasury, he was accused of blocking green policies that had spending implications
  7. Before COP26 climate summit, he promised to make the UK the “first ever net zero aligned global financial centre”


  1. Campaigned to leave the EU in the referendum
  2. Has criticised the way the NI Protocol - part of the UK’s post-Brexit deal with the EU - is operating as posing enormous challenges to “the stability of the situation in the nation”
  3. Committed to reforming all EU laws and bureaucracy that are still in place, by the time of the next general election
  4. Would scrap regulations on financial services that he says have been inherited from the EU to trigger growth in the sector similar to that seen in the 1980s
  5. Would replace existing data protection rules (GDPR) to help UK technology firms innovate and public services share data to prevent crime

Health & Social Care:

  1. Promises to accelerate NHS targets to cut waiting lists, eliminating one-year waiting times by September 2024 and getting overall numbers falling by next year
  2. Wants to introduce a temporary system of £10 fines for people who miss a GP or hospital appointment
  3. Wants to offer more diagnostic services - such as MRI and CT scans - in repurposed empty High Street shops
  4. Would speed up the approval process for clinical trials by creating a single approval service for UK trials
  5. Says he believes in the NHS and that he took a difficult political decision to come up with a new way to fund the service - ie National Insurance increase


  1. Says he would support the return of grammar schools
  2. Pledges to strengthen guidance on sex and relationship education in schools so children are “shielded from inappropriate material”
  3. Wants Ofsted inspectors to grade schools on their sports lessons

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H&SC: No.10 When he says “temporary” he really means permanent.

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No 2.?

. and that’ll mean another “assistant” at the surgery/hospital … :roll_eyes:

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Of course sorry…the number 10 was stuck in my head! (as it likely is in his…!)

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Promises promises…Sunak and Truss both sat back while promises were broken and lies told , I don’t give credence to any of the statements they make while trying to further their self interests. It would be a good thing if all the voting Tory members wrote ‘neither’ when voting.

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I’m all for that, especially if the students are assessed by 11+ type exams.

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