Concentration pic puzzle 72


  1. con9

  2. con10

  3. con11

  4. con12

  5. con13

  6. con14

  7. con15

  8. con16


2 - Napoleon Dynamite

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1.Led Zeppelin ?


3 - Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

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4 – Two Tickets to Paradise

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7 – Go ahead make my day ?

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  1. Never have I ever
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  1. Crossword puzzle
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  1. Slaughter house 5
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once again all guessed correctly well done everyone

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Cheers Feey


awww, I would have got Led Zepplin too, I’m always too late, people will you stop being so damn good at this game and gimme a chance haha. Well done all

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I’ve given up!!

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I cant compete with my ultra slow internet connection. If members were to only post one answer, then I would stand a chance :wink::+1:

Actually that might be a nice idea, maybe one or two limit
But might some be upset?

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There will always be someone who’ll be upset by any suggestion or action in life. Faux outrage abounds and OFF is not exempt :wink::point_right::grin:

OK in that case I apologise in advance for the suggestion you made and I seconded.
There, that should cover it!!

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