Computer driver updates con

Just had flagged up by Avast that I have 11 updates they have found on my computer. looking as to which ones I went into my computer and found those they listed and did a check , they were all up to date
most were to do with the intel core processor.
Do I suspect a scam? I don’t know as I have done this previously and found the ones mentioned I could update without payment to avast. The only other thing I can think of is windows 10 has not caught up with these updates yet

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Avast (like a few others) have always been bad for doing this IME.
Now they’re being sold to Norton it will probably get worse.

RS, just get rid of avast. They aren’t that effective unless you pay the price. And like @Zaphod said…now they are sold off, it will likely get worse :frowning:

I don’t have the paid version only the free one so doesn’t cost me anything.