Compulsion... Channel 5 At 9pm That’s Been On Four Nights This Week

I haven’t bought a TV Guide for a few weeks as l have been very busy, garden etc.
Anyway, my brother and sister asked me if l had been watching ‘Compulsion’ on Ch5 at 9pm that was shown on four nights this week. I hadn’t so l downloaded it from Catch Up.
I watched two episodes last night and l am not sure what to think of it? The leading lady has a very strong OTT Liverpudlian accent that l find hard to understand what she’s saying.
Jenny is a paramedic who is suffering from PSTD. She is gambling online and her family had no idea. She owes a lot of money and is in big financial trouble.

My all time favourite actress Hayley Mills stars in it. She is really good!
Have you been watching it? If so, what do you think of it?

Yes and enjoying it. I recorded last night’s as we went out so will watch it tonight and record tonights!

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Flowerpower, l have since watched Episode 3. At first, l wasn’t really sure about it but now l’ve watched this episode, it’s got really good!

My entire life has been spent adoring Hayley Mills, Julie Christie and Kristen Scott Thomas

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I gave up after watching the first ½ of episode 1, V gave up after watching the whole of the episode.

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I had not heard of this series until I saw your thread @Artangel - I’ve just looked up the plot summary and it looks like it could be good.
If it has good reviews, I will look out for it on My5 catch up TV.

PS I know what you mean about some regional accents being difficult to understand on TV - I often switch on the subtitles when watching programmes with actors using strong regional accents because I can’t understand what they are saying!

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Boot, l normally put the subtitles on too if l can’t understand the accents but the Catch Up episodes for Compulsion, didn’t have subtitles. Grrrr!

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Bruce, This is Hayley Mills playing Connie, the Loan Shark in Compulsion… she’s as hard as nails!


Percy, l was going to give up after the first two episodes but it got better.
It’s worth watching just for Hayley Mills.
I hopes she’s offered other television parts as she is an excellent actress.
Years of practice, l suppose?