Comedy wildlife photography

some great photos to laugh at

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Loving those Brown Bears in the water. :upside_down_face:

Some wonderful images there - I love the tiger, and the brown bear posing for his portrait!!

That’s two dancing bears. (?)

This is hilarious but might lose its impact overseas. It’s nearly Magpie attack season

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One side of the Lane here, the woods really attract the Magpies…and boy do they squabble and fight…Two years ago they nested in one of our larger trees…they really upset the balance of other birds visiting our Garden no end…

Favorite one of the funny wildlife is the one in the tree hole with the foot hanging out…

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Our magpies don’t just squabble and fight.


I love the grumpy bird looking down it’s nose. Monday morning mood, it’s hilarious.

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Some brilliant pictures there. I love the hungover owl. :grinning:

Nice to see you back Eliza…

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